Mission and Identity

Gallagher Student Center

Exterior of Gallagher Student Center on a summer day. Trees line the paths leading to the building.

With its clock tower marking the visual focus and entrance, Gallagher Student Center sits between the residential and academic malls of the campus. The architectural style fuses Collegiate Gothic with the more contemporary 1950s and 1960s grace of neighboring buildings.

The interior atrium of Gallagher Student Center. Four floors are visible in the photo. Many students are cheering while standing on the floors.

The Center often referred to as the "campus living room," is organized into three overlapping components. The office component serves administrative staff, student organizations, and the bookstore. The social component includes lounges, retail, entertainment, and foodservice. The performing-arts component contains a scene shop, rehearsal space, and a 350-seat theater. All are organized around a four-story atrium.

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View of Gallagher from upper level

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