Xavier's Mission

Orientation to Xavier's Mission and Identity For Graduate Students

Welcome to Xavier!

This brief introduction is designed to introduce you to Xavier’s rich heritage as a Jesuit Catholic university.  

Xavier's Roots in Jesuit Education

Discussion Questions: 

  • What are some key events, circumstances, or decisions in my life that have led me to be the person/leader that I am today?

  • What life circumstances, leadership qualities, and/or governance styles do I have in common with St. Ignatius?

A Quick History of Xavier

Discussion Question: 

  • What influenced my decision to come to Xavier for my degree?

Encountering Others and Educating the Whole Person

In 2014, a group of Xavier faculty and staff were tasked with writing a document about Xavier’s mission and
identity.  They represented a broad spectrum from across the university.    

View the video above OR Click here to read the conclusion of “The Xavier Way: Seeking Integration and Wisdom” Discuss the conclusion to the document:

The document ends with the following statement: “…the Xavier Way is committed to the education of the whole person, challenging ourselves and our students to discover God's presence and promises of hope in all things. From the Board of Trustees to faculty, staff, and students across every division, department, and office, each one of us is challenged to reflect upon the light of God's boundless love and the call for justice, to discover one's authentic gifts, and to share these gifts in an environment of mutual respect...”

Reflection question:

  • What does it mean to you as a Xavier Student?

The Daily Examen: One of Our Greatest Resources

The Daily Examen is an opportunity to reflect on our relationships with God and with others at the end of
each day. This brief review of your day takes only about 5-10 minutes.
There are many versions of the Daily Examen offered for your consideration below:

Audio versions of the Daily Examen.
More resources on the Daily Examen