Xavier's Mission

How I Live the Mission

Rev. Al Bischoff, S.J.
Campus Minister

Walt Bonvell
Former Senior Lead Groundskeeper

Niké Cline-Bailey
Human Resources Generalist

Phil Chick
Vice President, Financial Administration and Chief Business Officer

Elaine Crable
Professor, Business Analytics and Information Systems

Chris Dacey
Professor of Psychology

Paul Fiorelli
Professor, Business Law, Accountancy

Sr. Rose Ann Fleming, S.N.D. de N.
Athlete Academic Advisor, Student Athlete Academic Support Services

Margo Heydt

Chair and Associate Professor, Social Work Department

Gail Hurst
Chair and Associate Professor, Criminal Justice

Cassandra Jones
Director, Disability Services, Office of Disability Services

Hema Krishnan
Professor, Management and Entrepreneurship

Rev. John LaRocca, S.J.
Professor, History

Kevin Lavelle
Senior Digital Strategist and Marketing Partner, Marketing and Communications

Jondra Long
ABSN Program, Nursing

Aaron Meis
Vice President, Enrollment Management and Student Success

David Mengel
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences and Professor, History Department

Mark Meyers
Associate Professor, Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies

Alison Morgan
Assistant Director of Public Services University Library

Connie Perme
Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Kelly Phelps

Chair and Professor, Art Department

Donna Salak
Director, Financial Aid Operations

Kyra Shahid
Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Greg Smith
Chair and Associate Professor, Business Analytics and Information Systems

Matescia Stroud
Student Financial Services, Nursing

Vonnya Thomas
Administrative Assistant, Graduate Services

Janice Walker
Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion

David Yi
Chair and Professor, Economics