Dean of Students Office



The Office of the Dean of Students supports Xavier's efforts to promote student success, wellness and integrity. Through programs, resources and services that help students make healthy and responsible choices the Dean of Students staff members work with students, faculty and staff to build a safe and inclusive Xavier community.

A hallmark of a Jesuit University education is the personal care of the individual. At Xavier, the focus is on the student, and who they choose to become through the use of their talents, skills, and experiences both inside and outside of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to achieve successes that will have a profound impact on their life, long after graduation.

Every Xavier student is a representative and ambassador for the University. Expectations, policies, and the code of student conduct found in the Student Handbook have been established to assure respect for oneself and others. Students are held accountable for inappropriate behavior both on-campus and off-campus and there are consequences to unwise decisions and choices if a student is found to be responsible for violations. It is the responsibility of each Xavier student to be familiar with the contents of the Student Handbook. The fact that you are registered for classes at Xavier obligates your adherence to the Code of Student Conduct.

Students have a support system that will help them meet and exceed their own expectations, please know that this office extends an on-going invitation to assist students in any way possible.