Mission and Identity

Hinkle Hall

In 1919, Hinkle Hall was built as a residence hall for the Jesuit faculty teaching on campus and constructed along with Alumni Science Hall, now Edgecliff Hall. In 1970, the Jesuit Community moved to Schott Hall and Hinkle became a departmental building for the humanities. Hinkle Hall is a three-story building designed in a Tudor-Gothic style. The towers of Hinkle are designed to resemble the Francis Xavier Family Castle in Navarre, Spain.

Over the summer of 2012, 95 offices, 3 conference rooms, and all public spaces in Hinkle Hall received upgrades. This included new office paint and carpet, hallway floor tile, and all woodwork was sanded and varnished. Faculty packed up their offices for a 7 phase renovation. Stairs, lobby, and faculty lounge were also upgraded. View more about the renovations.

Quick Facts

  • Dedicated: November 1920
  • Hinkle Hall is named after Mrs. Frederick W. (Susanna) Hinkle, a benefactor for the university.
  • Mrs. Hinkle was the first donor to make a six-figure donation to Xavier University.
  • Hinkle Hall is home to the departments of English, Theology, Philosophy, and Mathematics/Computer Science

Hinkle Hall Construction in 1920

Francis Xavier Family Castle, Navarre, Spain