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Alumni Center

Constructed in 1937, the Alumni Center was originally built as a Coca-Cola bottling and distrubuting plant. The plant spent the next 44 years delivering Coca-Cola products to the Cincinnati area until it was purchased by a new owner. The building had fallen into disrepair within the next few years until Richard Rosenthal had bought it in 1986.

Rosenthal began an 18-month restoration project and also placed the building on the National Register of Historic Places. At that time the building was occupied by Rosenthal's publication company, FandW Publications. It was only in 2001 that Xavier University bought the building from Rosenthal and renamed it the Alumni Center. 

Quick Facts

Dedicated: 2001

Named After: Alumni of Xavier University

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Additional Notes:

  • While it was a Coca-Cola factory, it was also home to a company barbershop, showers, and cafeteria.
  • Through numerous restorations, the alumni center still retains its 1930's style architecture and original mural.
  • The mural in the lobby, painted by John F. Holmer is a painting of the Coney Island amusment park. Through influence of world events, Holmer painted a Hitler-style moustache on each man in the mural. The moustaches were later painted over.
  • A revolving weather beacon was also included in the building design, but was later ruled out. The worry was that it would allow Japanese bombers a navigation guide for attacks over the mainland.
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Exterior of the Alumni Center

Interior of the Alumni Center

Stairwell inside the Alumni Center