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Alumni Center

Constructed in 1937, the Alumni Center was originally built as a Coca-Cola bottling and distribution plant. The plant spent the next 44 years delivering Coca-Cola products to the Cincinnati area until it was purchased by a new owner. The building had fallen into disrepair within the next few years until Richard Rosenthal had bought it in 1986.

Rosenthal began an 18-month restoration project and also placed the building on the National Register of Historic Places. At that time the building was occupied by Rosenthal's publication company, F&W Publications. It was only in 2001 that Xavier University bought the building from Rosenthal and renamed it the Alumni Center. 

Quick Facts

Dedicated: 2001

Named After: Alumni of Xavier University

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Additional Notes:

  • While it was a Coca-Cola factory, it was also home to a company barbershop, showers, and cafeteria.
  • Through numerous restorations, the alumni center still retains its 1930's style architecture and original mural.
  • The mural in the lobby, painted by John F. Holmer is a painting of the Coney Island amusement park. Through influence of world events, Holmer painted a Hitler-style mustache on each man in the mural. The mustaches were later painted over.
  • A revolving weather beacon was also included in the building design, but was later ruled out. The worry was that it would allow Japanese bombers a navigation guide for attacks over the mainland.
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Exterior of the Alumni Center

Interior of the Alumni Center

Stairwell inside the Alumni Center