Mission and Identity

Logan Hall

Located between the Lindner Family Physics Building and Albers Hall on the Academic Mall, Logan Hall serves as Xavier University's chemistry building. Since it was built in 1953, Logan Hall has housed courses in chemistry, as well as offices and service areas. There is also a wide assortment of lab equipment available for student and faculty purposes. Located within Logan Hall is a time capsule containing textbooks, research papers, faculty publications, typical examinations, and various chemical materials collected during the "Atomic Age" and is to be opened in 2053.

Quick Facts

Dedicated: 1953
Named After: Thomas J. Logan, a Cincinnati clothing manufacturer.
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Additional Notes:

  • Thomas J. Logan donated $335,000 to Xavier for construction in 1930.
  • Logan's funds were not used due to low enrollment during the war. They were then used to construct Logan Hall in 1953.

Photo of Logan Hall

Photo of a Student working on a Lab experiment