Center for Faith and Justice

Deepening Spirituality, Pursuing Justice and Promoting Pluralism

The Dorothy Day Center for Faith & Justice (CFJ) helps students make meaning, discover purpose and work for a better world through communities bound by common belief, a sense of belonging and the desire to seek solidarity.  We support and challenge one another as we wrestle with big questions, grow in relationship and community and journey through Xavier and beyond.

We are an office that has grown out of what used to be three separate centers—Campus Ministry, Peace & Justice and Interfaith Community Engagement. By building community together, we create dynamic spaces for you to grow into who you are called to be.

Student praying at mic at mass with religious leaders behind her

Deepening Spirituality

Our vibrant Catholic campus ministry communities offer everything from student lead masses to retreats, from spiritual direction to fellowship, with maybe even the occasional pie in a Presider's face, while our multi-faith chaplaincy staff allows you to explore or grow your faith in many traditions. At the CFJ, discern who God is calling you to be and how to live out your faith in the world.

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Pursuing Justice

As a Jesuit, Catholic University, engaging service, immersion, advocacy and justice is an important part of who we are. Whether you can commit for a morning or for a whole summer, our programs will provide spaces for you to grow in compassion and critical engagement of the world as we work towards living out solidarity.

Pursuing Justice at Xavier University
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Promoting Pluralism

At the CFJ, we know that engaging difference also helps us to deepen our own identities and commitments. Our Jesuit, Catholic tradition invites us towards pluralism. Join this journey through interfaith dialogue, immersion, leadership, faith and race programming or simply by meeting up with the staff.

Pluralism and Engaging Difference on Campus
Picture of socially distanced student group meeting the CFJ Living Room

Get Connected

The best way to stay up-to-date on all current events, applications, and more is to follow us on social media and find us on Engage. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Find us on Instagram @xucfj. Join our portal on EngageXU. Or drop by to see at on the third floor of Gallagher Student Center, Room 310 by the elevator. You can always reach out to a staff person to get started too. Meet Our Staff

Summer Service Internship (SSI)

Student reading petition at mic with religious leaders in the background

Who you will become this summer? Apply for SSI to spend your summer working for a non-profit in Cincinnati, spend time in intentional community and reflect deeply on the justice concerns of our communities.

Summer Service Internship Information

Magis Society for Alumni

Group of forty students holding their arms up in the X outside of Justice Hall, Magis Class of 2021

Just before graduation, students who have demonstrated their commitment to faith, justice and pluralism through CFJ programs are invited to apply for our Magis Society. Applications for the Class of 2022 are due Jan. 30, 2022.

Class of 2022 Apply Here

Consider a retreat this spring

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Take time this semester to step away to reflect on your values, deepen your faith and discern direction. Coming up this semester: Encounter in February, an inaugural Women in Business Retreat in March, and Approach in April.

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What do our students say?

Each spring, seniors reflect on their most significant experiences. A couple of snapshots from the Class of 2021...

"In this community, the simple gesture of respecting other opinions and being vulnerable helped in building authentic relationships." - Jacara Betts

"I felt so incredibly loved by some of my closest friends, by some acquaintances, and by some strangers." - Alysia Wilson

"I now know that by recognizing privilege, but I have a duty to listen and learn while serving." - Niki Shekeran

"Mass puts me in a state of grace, where I see God first, present in me and those around me, and it constantly challenges me to work to be more like Christ in how I love." - Maggie Farrell

"Dorothy Day Immersions was the single most formative experience of my time at Xavier and will be one for my whole life. If faith is that thing which we devote our entire selves to, that ultimate concern, then a faith that works for justice is what I chose." - Jonathon Hesford