Xavier's Center for Interfaith Community Engagement works to create and strengthen a sense of community among individuals of diverse faiths on campus, in Cincinnati, and on the regional and national levels.

The Center for Interfaith Community Engagement is a student-centered initiative that both allows individuals to deepen their personal faith and enhance their understanding of other traditions. Further, it serves the larger community in areas of social justice, shared religious teachings and leadership development.

As Xavier continues to diversify its population along faith and cultural lines, a unique opportunity exists for authentic interfaith community engagement. The Center for Interfaith Community Engagement strives to be an example for collaborative efforts on campus and beyond. Our work extends to the larger social justice community and various ethnic and religious faith groups, and serves as a vehicle for the empowerment of the interfaith student community.

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Our mission is to form students intellectually, morally, and spiritually, with rigor and compassion, toward lives of solidarity and service. To do this, successfully, an appreciation of diversity in all its forms must be part of the experience we provide.
Fr. Michael Graham, S.J. 
President, Xavier University

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