Mission and Identity

Alter Hall

After 53 years as the academic workhorse of Xavier, Alter Hall was gutted to its frame and redesigned over 15 months as a modern classroom building for 21st-century students. Alter Hall remains located on the academic hall, across from Albers Hall. The new building is a tribute to Xavier's commitment of being a sustainable, environmentally friendly campus built to LEED gold standards. Originally built in 1960, the Karl J. Alter Classroom Building served as a general classroom building on Xavier's campus. Now, the building fills its thirty-three classrooms with courses from Business, English, and Math.

Quick Facts

Dedicated: 1960

Named After: Karl J. Alter, Archbishop of Cincinnati 1950-69

Home to:

  • Four floors of classrooms and new learning spaces
  • Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
  • St. Ignatius stairs

Additional Notes:

  • Alter Hall was the first building on campus to have been built with central air conditioning.
  • The renovation was completed for the fall 2015 academic fall semester.

Students walking outside Alter Hall on a sunny fall morning.

Students in classroom in Alter Hall