Mission and Identity

Walt Bonvell Memorial Garden

Father Graham blessing the Garden's fountain

On October 16, 2017, the Walt Bonvell Memorial Garden was dedicated and officially opened to the public body at Xavier University. The garden is dedicated to the memory of Walter "Walt" Bonvell, a grounds foreman and horticulturalist at Xavier for 29 years before he passed away peacefully at the age of 61 in 2015. Bonvell incorporated the Jesuit value of reflection in every aspect of his life, especially groundskeeping. He believed that there should be area around the campus for the students to reflect. And through the efforts of Bonvell's wife and current Xavier institutional research staff member Connie Bonvell and through the donations made by Joseph and Susan Pichler, the Walt Bonvell Memorial Garden stands as a place for students and faculty to peacefully reflect on their lives and on the lives of those who came before us.


Quick Facts

Opened: October 16, 2017
Named After: Walt Bonvell

Donated by: Joseph and Susan Pichler