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Mission Reflections Past years


Italicized dates are the meetings of the Cabinet.
Dates with * are BOT meetings

Prayers offered at meetings of the VPs/Cabinet

Current Year

Spring 2021

June 28     Reflecting on our time as Fr. Graham’s Direct Reports  
June 21     Reflecting on Our Way of Proceeding this year
June 15     Reflecting on the past year of Mission Reflections
June 7       Xavier’s Vision Statement and Addendum
June 1       An Ignatian guide to civic engagement
May 24      Scholars, Saints and Citizen-Servants
May 17      An Ignatian guide to civic engagement
                  2021 Statement of voting rights by higher ed orgs optional                
May 10      An Ignatian guide to civic engagement
May 6*      Ignatian Leadership
May 3        What COVID Taught Us
                  Provost’s face the pandemic optional                   
                  6 Jesuit discernment tips for the post-Covid world optional
                  Zoom haiku optional chuckle
April 26     Conversations on Jesuit education: UAPs       
                  XU's Dunn and Townsel
April 19     CMO and CDIO Convocation
                  Jesuit identity and racial justice
                  AJCU Eyes to see: An anti racism examen  optional      
April 12      HLC  sections of choice
April  6       HLC criterion on Mission 1C, 1 Summary
                        and Introduction
Mar 29      University Mission Statement and addendum
Mar 22      HLC Criterion on Mission
Mar 15      My reflected best self - patterns
Mar 8        My reflected best self - patterns
Mar 1        Jesuit education at Xavier – evaluation results
eb 26*    The Ignatian Year              
Feb 22      My reflected best self - patterns
Feb 1        Conversations on Jesuit Education: UAPs      
                 XU's Dunn and Townsel
Jan 25      Ignatian pedagogy at Xavier
Jan 21      A spiritual exercise
Jan 11      What got me through 2020
                & Sr H Prejean, Bishop R Barron, G Boyle SJ, Sr S Campbell, J Martin SJ
Jan 4        Insights from my Ignatian annual examen

Fall 2020

Dec 14     Deepening the UAPs at XU– an annual review
                         Results of the 2020 review
Dec 7       Our Way of Proceeding: A midyear review
Dec 3*     The life of St Francis Xavier
Nov 30     Images of St Francis Xavier (my symbolic add-on)
Nov 16     Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship-Summary
Nov 9       Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship - Summary
Nov 2       Contemplation and Political Action: An Ignatian Guide to Civic Engagement 
                Catholics poised to decide whether Trump gets a 2nd term
Voting is an Act of Love               
                It’s our time, now
                Voting should not be a private action               
               On communal discernment and the voting booth
               Black Theology Promises a Richer America by Adam Clark
               Mental Health: The Sadly Overlooked Campaign Issue
               Restorative Justice-More Important After ElectionOct 28      The Universal Apostolic Preferences- another look
Oct 21      Conversations on Jesuit Higher Ed: UAP 1 and 4
Oct 13      Reflection on the leadership lessons
Oct  6       My mission leadership lessons - Cull, Feldhaus
Sept 28    Leading with an Ignatian Communal Discernment mindset
               - Responses  and Chatbox reactions
Sept 24*  The UAPs: What if God spoke to you? 
Sept 21    My mission leadership lessons - Chick, Christopher, Coleman
Sept 16    My mission leadership lessons - Mooney, Walker, Baumann
Sept 8      My mission leadership lessons - Graham, Massa, Meis
Reflected Best Self, Professional crest, Corner Office articles       
Aug 31  Mission Leadership 7 leadership lessons-Fr J Martin
                                        10 lessons from a life in Catholic H.E. - Dr. M Galigan Stierle
                                         15 leadership characteristics inspired by Pope Francis
                                         A top 10 list on higher ed leadership - Fr. C. Currie
Aug 26      Cura, cura apostolica and cura personalis
                  optional – full Letter of Fr Sosa     
Aug 24      Communal Discernment
Aug 21      Our Way of Proceeding 2020-21: Each of our commitments
Aug 17      Jesuit ed has seen plagues, recessions & wars. It will survive 2020, too                 
                optional - Dealing with the Now
Aug 11      Impacts of COVID19 through the lens of CST
                  optional Reopening justly or just reopening
                                COVID, CST, ​& the Path Forward
                                10 building blocks of CST 

Aug 3        The ethics of reopening
July 30      Our New Year's resolutions: A meta-examen
July 22      Manresa mission welcome for new hires
                 Optimism prayer on faith/discipline (Collins) & tomb/womb-birth (Kaur)
July 13      An Ignatian review of leadership during COVID19

Spring 2020

June 19      The assumptions of white privilege and what we can do about it
June 12      Gathering prayer
June   9      The Ignatian witness to truth in a climate of injustice
June  4       Gathering prayer – M Baumann
June 1        Reflection on the past year
May 28      Gathering prayer – D Mooney
May 26      Laudato Si’   optional: Deepening the UAPs at Xavier
May 22      An opening prayer fitting the time of COVID - A. Meis
May 18      Laudato Si’   
              optional: MA communities with dirty air are COVID hotspots 
              optional:  In the shadows of USAs smokestacks, Virus Is 1 more deadly risk  
May 11   Message to graduates 
May 7     Ignatian communal discernment
May  4    We’re all monks now  & Ramadan in the Quiet Spaces   
May 1*    Fr Sosa: COVID-19: Discerning a Path to God
April 27   Fr Sosa: COVID-19: Discerning a Path to God
April 23   An opening prayer fitting the time of COVID  M Baumann
April 20   Fr Sosa: Living the UAP in the light of COVID-19
April 17   An opening prayer fitting the time of COVID  B Cull    
April 14   An opening prayer fitting the time of COVID  P Chick     
April   9   An opening prayer fitting the time of COVID  G Christopher
April  6   Letter from the Provincial to “DR’s”
April  2   An opening prayer fitting the time of COVID  M Graham 

Mar 31   Listening to “Memories and Dreams”
Mar 27   An opening prayer fitting the time of COVID  M Graham    
Mar 25   An opening prayer fitting the time of COVID  M Graham    
Mar 23   Reflecting on the Pope’s prayer to Mary during the pandemic
Mar 16   Jesuit identity during a pandemic - and a prayer:
              The Other Side of the Virus, An Opportunity to Awaken...D Mooney
Mar 10   The New Age of Social Protest Music  
Mar 2     Conversations on Jesuit H.E. Under pressure and reaching out  
Feb 28*  The Ties that Bind Jesuit and University in Trust
Feb 24    The Ties that Bind Jesuit and University in Trust
Feb 17     Province Planning 2020-25: Go Forth
Feb 12    Deepening the UAPs at Xavier & Cabinet Prioritization
Jan 27    Deepening the UAPs at Xavier (optional: The original UAP document)
Jan 21    Tradition propels a commitment to Social Justice & 7 ways of looking at diversity 
Jan 6      Inspiration (divine guidance)


Fall 2019

Dec 18  Ignatian Gratitude
Dec 11   Outcomes of a Jesuit education at Xavier -Alumni
Dec 4/5* Letter of Fr Sosa to Trustees and Presidents
Nov 18  My Commitments in Justice - honoring the UCA martyrs
Nov 11  Do Catholic universities still have a values proposition?
Nov 4   The Uncertain Future of Jesuit Education
Oct 28   The purpose of a (Jesuit) university
              Colleges' Transformed Mission Misses the Mark & A Nation of Weavers  
Oct 14   Caring for the apostolic work 
Oct 7     The UAPs at XU   

Sept 30 Conversations mag: Caring for the Apostolic Work  
                        optional: Mindset model

Sept 26* Habits of the Jesuit Educated

Sept 23 The Ignatian Ped. Paradigm - not for the classroom only
                        optional: The Olive, more info on the IPP

Sept 17 Conversations mag: Caring for the Apostolic Work - belonging
                        optional: Mindset model

Sept 9  Conversations mag: Caring for the Apostolic Work - cura apostolica
                        optional: Mindset model

Sept 3  My Reflected Best Self Portrait con't
                  The DR Collection 

Aug 27 My Reflected Best Self Portrait con't

Aug 19 Characteristics of Jesuit Education

Aug 12 My Reflected Best Self Portrait

Aug 5   Reconvene: Discussion on personal, national and global happenings


Spring 2019 

June 27 10 lessons from a life in Catholic H.E. - Dr. M Galigan Stierle
              Which observation resonates with me?
June 13 Reflecting on the past year
              Results - favorite Reflections of the year
              Note lights and shadows of the past year and favored Mission Reflections
May 28   Assuring the mission: AFMIX capstone projects 
                 What are my reactions and take-aways?
May 13  Fr. James Martin's 7 Leadership Lessons & Quotes - optional
                 What resonates with me?
May 6    A meta mission reflection    
                 How did BOT Committees respond to the MR on ‘Ignatian Governance’?  
May 2    Communal Discernment    
                 BOT - What aspect of Ignatian Communal Discernment most resonates with me? Why?
April 29  Review Fr McDonald's Campus Report and Province Best Practices
                Thoughts on the excerpts? Where is Xavier on the BP list (appendix)?
April 23  Visionary universities teach life purpose: Does yours?
                How does Xavier teach life purpose?
April 15  The uncertain future of Jesuit education
                Note points of interest, intrigue and implication for XU
April  8    Ignatian Governance: Discernment, Collaboration, and Networking
                How would I describe the DRs ‘way of proceeding’?  What are our strengths?
April  2    Apostolic Preferences 2019-29
               Note points of interest and intrigue for Preferences 3 and 4
Mar 25  Apostolic Preferences 2019-29  see more information
              Note points of interest, intrigue, and implications for Xavier
Mar 18    Apostolic Preference 2019-29
               Note points of interest and intrigue for Preferences 1 and 2
Mar 11    Conversations - Mission: Impossible
                   Read an article of your choosing and share insights
Feb 24    Jesuits at Xavier - Planning for the future
                   What is your guiding principle for placement/role/position prioritization? 
Feb 21    Jesuit Education at Xavier
                     Note the findings of student mission evaluation
Feb 18    Some characteristics of Jesuit universities
                     List improvements to the next version
                           - what characteristics/components should be added?
                           - what changes within the existing format should be changed?
Feb 13     XU's 2016 Mission Examen 
                     Comments and observations
Jan 28     Valued Leader Traits (and Fr. C. Currie's Top Ten List on Higher Ed Leadership)
                     What attributes do you believe are most important in a leader?
Jan 23     Some characteristics of Jesuit universities 
                    Comments and observations for Xavier on Characteristics 4-7
Jan 14     Some characteristics of Jesuit universities
                    Comments and observations for Xavier on Characteristics 1-3
Jan 8       The new brand of Jesuit universities
                    Is Xavier Catholic enough?

Fall 2018 

Dec 17    Communal Discernment
Dec 10    15 Leadership Characteristics Inspired by Pope Francis (WP synopsis: original address)
Dec 3      A conversation with Fr Dan McDonald SJ, Provincial Assistant
Nov 29    Living the Vision of Gaudium et Spes    
                 BOT- What do you think are trends in society and/or in (Jesuit) higher education that are
                 promising for Xavier students?
Nov 26    Leadership Virtues According to Pope Francis (original address) 
Nov 19   Communal Discernment (Ignatian Board Governance - optional) 
Nov 5     Social Justice: The Role of Higher Education in a 'Post Truth' Era                   
Oct 31    Best Practices in mission in the Upper Midwest Province
Oct 22    Continuous improvement in mission effectiveness - synopsis 
Oct 17    XUs Greatest Successes & Challenges in Mission Effectiveness - DR results
Oct 10    XUs Greatest Successes & Challenges in Mission Effectiveness - Form 
Oct 1      IAJU: Leadership in an Ignatian Way 
Sept 27   Joys and Challenges to Jesuit Higher Education
              BOT- What is the greatest challenge facing Jesuit higher education in the next 5 years? What can
              we do about it?
Sept 24  Conversations: Mental Well-being & Illness
Sept 17   Jesuit education: Student assessment results
Sept 10 Challenges to Jesuit Higher Education - Universality, Learned Ministry (Part II)
Aug 27 Nicolas' 2010 Mexico City Address - Depth (Part I) 
Aug 20 Images of Xavier's IdentityAug 15 National events and our leadership 

Summer 2018 Photo of four men sitting at a table eating food and talking to each other

Aug 6   International Association of Jesuit Universities - The Strategic Plan 
July 23 Professional Identity/ Coat of arms and LMU stained glass 
July 16 Professional Identity/ Coat of arms and Seal of the Society of Jesus 
June 11  Metaphors of a University
June 7 Francis Xavier and the University Seal 

Spring 2018

May 21 Reflecting on the past year, feedback on the Mission Moments 
May 14 Jesuit education at Xavier, Ignatian Mentoring Program
May 7 Sharing Our Examen
Apr 30 The Gifts of Our Ignatian heritage  in our workday (the wheel)
Apr 23 Apr 16  Ignatian Spirituality, What is it? – What is an Examen?
Apr 10  Jesuit Education: Forming Human Beings in Harmony with their Fellows, Creation, & God (Sosa)
Apr 3   Pres. Graham Inaugural Address 
Mar 27 Women: Making the Impossible Possible (Fr Sosa)
Mar 20 Women GC34 Decree 14 - The 1995 document, advice for the Society of Jesus (Dr. Mooney) 
Mar 13 Women GC 34 Decree 14 - research by Dr. Heydt 
Mar 6  The VISION Statement 
Feb 26 Leadership in Balance - Dr. Kucia
Feb 19 The Service of Faith in a Religiously Pluralistic World
Jan 29 ACCU results
Jan 22 Faith and Justice,. part 2
Jan 16 Fr. Kolvenbach's 2000 address, part I
Jan 8  Overview of Superior Generals and General Congregation 
Dec 4 Seeking Integration and Wisdom 
Nov 27  A Corner Office and Fr McDonald's visit 
Nov 13  Spiritual Leadership and Virtuous Leadership 
Nov 6 Communal Discernment Governance in the Ignatian Tradition
Oct 30 Seeking Integration and Wisdom 
Oct 23 Communal discernment Spiritual Leadership
Oct 16 Communal discernment Inspired Decision Making
Oct 10 A Corner Office 
Oct 3 Ex Corde Ecclesiae is alive at Xavier 
Sept 25 A Corner Office Consider connections and learnings from colleagues
Sept 18 A Corner Office Read the articles of colleagues
Sept 12 A Corner Office self reflection 
Sept 5 University Mission Statement
Aug 28 Jesuit Education (7 Habits) 
Aug 21 The Life of Ignatius Loyola 
Aug 14 Charlottesville and Social Justice

Presidential Leadership

Opening prayers offered at meetings of the President's Leadership