The Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm

Ignatian Pedagogy - A Practical Approach  is one of two key documents which emerged from a lengthy and worldwide reflection on Jesuit education in the 1970/80s.  The Characteristics of Jesuit Education, published in 1986, sets out to describe a Jesuit school and its distinctive identity and mission.  Ignatian Pedagogy followed in 1993 and sets out to articulate the Jesuit tradition of classroom teaching and learning.

Ignatian pedagogy (from the International Center for Jesuit Education [Rome, 1993]), is a model that seeks to develop men and women of competence, conscience and compassion. Similar to the process of guiding others in the Spiritual Exercises, faculty accompany students in their intellectual, spiritual and emotional development. They do this by following the Ignatian pedagogical paradigm. Through consideration of the context of students' lives, faculty create an environment where students recollect their past experience and assimilate information from newly provided experiences. Faculty help students learn the skills and techniques of reflection, which shapes their consciousness, and they then challenge students to action in service to others. The evaluation process includes academic mastery as well as ongoing assessments of students' well-rounded growth as persons for others.

The five educational principles:

  1. Context  - understanding student life and culture
  2. Experience  - providing intellectual and affective learning opportunities
  3. Reflection  - of meaning for self and others
  4. Action  - the external expression of learned content
  5. Evaluation  - of student growth

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