Teaching to the Mission


Showcasing the contemporary pedagogical work of the faculty in the Ignatian Mentoring Program.


For a hard-copy version, see the book Teaching to the Mission

The 2024 additions:

Ignatian Pedagogy in Philosophy: Finding Moments for Reflection
Dr. Elliot Chen

Incorporating Discernment and Reflection in a Classroom
Dr. Melissa Gallo

A Mission Toward Restoration: The Practice of Biography in the History Classroom
Dr. Daleah Goodwin

Integrating Jesuit Values in an Accelerated Bachelors of Nursing Clinical Course: Creating space to explore that which is Profoundly Human
Elizabeth Hodar

Incorporating Jesuit Values into a First Year Seminar on Markets and Morality
Dr. Rachael Behr LaRose 

Jesuit Values Guiding Clinical Decision Making
Dr. Heather Moore

Promoting Cura Personalis to Cultivate Creativity
Amelia Riedel

A Multi-Semester Community-Engaged Learning Cohort
Dr. Sheena Steckl

How to Promote Interracial and Inter-Social Class Friendships Among College Students
Dr. Bashir Tofangsazi

Using an Anti-Oppressive Framework for Teaching Social Studies to Preservice Teachers
Dr. Tammy Zilliox


The 2022 additions:

Preparing School Principals through Ignatian Pedagogy
Dr. Brett Burton, Education

Presence of Ignatian Gifts in the Exercise Science Practicum Course
Dr. Laura Carney, Sports Studies 

Service and Solidarity, Past and Present: Understanding Contemporary Identity Through
Classical Literature
Dr. Katie DeBoer, Classics

Applying Eloquentia Perfecta in Kinesiology: Fostering Critical Thinking and Moral Reflection for the Common Good
Dr. Patrick Filanowski, Sports Studies 

Community Engagement and Adolescent Psychology: Infusing Ignatian Values
Dr. Anne Fuller, Psychology

Adding Explicit Ignatian Pedagogy to a Women in Mathematics Course
Ms. Christina Hammersmith, Mathematics 

Using Ignatian Values to Resolve an Ethical Dilemma in Accounting
Dr. Megan Jones, Accounting

Pricing in the Age of AI: Ethical Challenges of Algorithm-based Pricing
Dr. Sudipta Mukherjee, Marketing 

Diversifying the Educator Workforce: An Ignatian Approach
Ms. Leigh Anne Prugh, Special Education 

Integrating Ignatian Values into Entrepreneurship Teaching and Practice 
Dr. Matthew Regele, Management & Entrepreneurship

Cura Personalis: Fueling the Whole Person
Dr. Ashley Varol, Sports Studies 


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