Assuring the Future Mission and Identity of Xavier

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AFMIX is Xavier University's flagship professional development program focusing on the mission and identity of the University. It is a 2-year program for faculty, staff, and administrators of any religious affiliation, or none at all.

Weekly sessions include presentations and discussions on Jesuit history, Ignatian spirituality, and the pedagogy and education that grew out of that spirituality. Each cohort will also experience the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises in a small group format. The program concludes with colleagues from around the University sharing how they have incorporated these values and principles into their work.

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Goals of the Program:

  • To facilitate an increased understanding of the Jesuit identity of the University and the importance that continued identity has to the success of our university mission
  • To create a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in one's work and career
  • To engage and be engaged by others in this purpose of mission for one's personal growth as well as the success of the university
  • To join past participants of AFMIX in a campus-wide network of Ignatian leaders

Composition of the Program:

  • Offered on Tuesdays from 12 noon - 1:30 p.m.
  • Feel free to bring your lunch
  • 10-13 sessions per semester
  • No meetings during breaks or summer

Semester Themes:

  • Fall 1: Jesuit History, Spirituality, and Education
  • Spring 1: Theological Foundations for Spirituality
  • Fall 2: Small Group Experience of the Spiritual Exercises
  • Spring 2: Living the Mission at Xavier University

A meaningful AFMIX experience requires:

  • Regular attendance
  • Some preparation time each week
  • Time for reflection



A Bit of History:

AFMIX was first conceived in 1998 by Fr. George Traub, first director of Ignatian Programs, and the Ignatian Programs Committee. AFMIX was begun in the Fall of 1999 with a cohort of 23 participants.

While its topics and materials have been revised over the years, the AFMIX program has continued on campus since that time and without interruption. There have been 10 cohorts with more than 300 graduates, the majority of whom still work at Xavier.

AFMIX graduates reflect on their experience with the AFMIX program and how that experience has shaped their lives and work here at Xavier University:


For more AFMIX reflections, click here.

Comments from past participants:

  • "I have not so much learned something, as become engaged and enthusiastic about the things I have learned. I have a deep wish to pass this experience on to others here at Xavier."
  • "My participation in AFMIX has helped me to be a better "me" - as an XU employee and interpersonally."
  • "AFMIX has provided me with a great opportunity to strengthen spiritual ties with Xavier and the XU family. The Jesuit influence has become for me a more significant basis for my daily works. AFMIX is an experience that should not be a missed opportunity."
  • "AFMIX has been a wonderful experience. It has awakened a new awareness in me. Everyday encounters I look at with new respect. I see the Ignatian spirit alive at Xavier and outside of Xavier. It truly has been a blessing to be part of it!"


Kudos to the Program:

  • "In the creation of leaders, AFMIX provides a deep understanding of the University mission, Ignatian formation, Ignatian spirituality, and Jesuit values." - Fr. Dan McDonald SJ, Provincial Assistant for Jesuit Education
  • The Assuring the Future Mission and Identity of Xavier program (AFMIX) was named an exceptional program by Fr. Greg Lucey, S.J., President of the Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities. - Connections, Jan. 2013



AFMIX is supported by a generous gift from Phil '68 and Beth '74 Gasiewicz