Mission and Identity for Trustees

Ignatian Leadership

Personal and Communal Discernment


Narrated by Mr. Paul Muething, '74, Trustee since 2011. (The Introduction can also be read here.)


1. Xavier University Vision Statement:
Xavier men and women become people of learning and reflection, integrity and achievement, in solidarity for and with others.

2. Xavier University Mission Statement

3. Board of Trustees' Code of Regulations - Article I: Purpose of the University

4. Board Governance in the Ignatian Tradition: Trustee Reflections - optional

Debra K. Mooney, Ph.D. 

Reflection Questions

  • What aspects of Ignatian group decision-making most resonate with me (e.g. identifying the issues and values, Ignatian indifference, a harmony of thoughts and feelings, Ignatian consolation and desolation, being aware of God's presence and will, unity etc.)?
  • What aspects of the University's vision, mission, values, code, and/or identity do I privilege when deliberating as a trustee of this specific Committee?
  • Can I recall a decision that was enacted by this Committee, with intention or not, through the process of Ignatian communal discernment? If so, describe.
  • What are some challenges that may keep us from deliberating in this way? In light of these realities and circumstances, in what ways can we best govern in the Ignatian tradition?

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