College of Professional Sciences

The College of Professional Sciences is comprised of a vibrant and dedicated community of learners, educators, and support staff committed to preparing undergraduate and graduate students in education, health, and the social sciences. Our college is Magis-in-Service as we are women and men for others meeting the needs of people and organizations in our community and beyond.  We seek to broaden our reach through collaborative practice and partnerships, whereby faculty, staff, and students from a variety of disciplines collaborate to find innovative solutions to better serve the world around us.  Our programs focus on shaping the future of our disciplines and leading our professions. 

The College of Professional Sciences strategic initiatives are:

  1. Achieve Academic Excellence through Teaching, Learning, Scholarship, Leadership and Service
  2. Work Collaboratively to Meet the Needs of the Communities We Serve
  3. Advance Diversity and Inclusion
  4. Become Regionally Recognized Leaders in Population Health
  5. Enhance the Health and Well Being of the College and its People