College of Professional Sciences

College Leadership

Representative Faculty Chairs for CPS Departments

Criminal Justice Department - Dr. Gail Hurst, Chair

Counseling Department - Dr. Rhonda Norman, Chair

Health Services Administration - Dr. Peter Mallow, Chair

Occupational Therapy Department - Dr. Carol Scheerer, Chair

School of Psychology - Dr. Kathleen Hart, Chair

School of Education - Dr. Brett Burton & Dr. Delane Bender-Slack, Co-Directors

Social Work - Dr. Jaylene Schaefer, Chair

Sport Science and Management - Dr. Dustin Thorn, Chair


Welcome to the College of Professional Sciences,  

In the College of Professional Sciences (CPS) we offer undergraduate and graduate programs in education, health, and the social sciences. I like to say our college is where the mission of Xavier University is fully animated. Our graduates are Magis-in-Service; serving others and organizations for the greater good. As you move through your studies in our college, whether it is working with children in our teacher education program, counseling individuals with substance abuse and addictions, or partnering with agencies who work with homeless, our students and faculty work together and alongside clients. 

Over 120 faculty, administrators, and staff actively support students as they progress through their programs.  In partnership with our academic programs, school districts, health care organizations, sport industries, non-profit agencies, and social services provide meaningful clinicals, internships, and field experiences to enable students to practice and apply the skills and knowledge they are learning in their courses.  Experiential learning takes place in urban and suburban school districts, professional sport teams such as the Cincinnati Reds and FC Cincinnati, TriHealth and Mercy health care systems, legal agencies, or our own XU Montessori Lab School for 3-12 years old. For example, if you are a Health Services Administration major you will have internships with a local healthcare agency working with executives. As an education major you will begin your field experiences your freshman year in a school, working one on one with an experienced teacher, tutoring and teaching small groups of students.  As a student majoring in criminal justice you will work with probation officers, forensics personnel, and have the opportunity to study in a women’s or men’s prison to explore topics such as why people commit crime, and punishment and rehabilitation. In our exercise science and athletic training programs you will learn and apply techniques for resolving injuries and to promote healthy living in a state-of-the-art Health United Building (HUB). Our nationally accredited programs reflect the standards of our professions.  As you progress in a program, you will continue to build knowledge, skills, and experiences and they will prepare you, if applicable, to take state/national exams and obtain licensures.

The College of Professional Sciences seeks to ensure that our programs focus on shaping the future of our disciplines and leading our professions.  Together, the faculty, students, and staff collaborate to find innovative solutions to better serve the world around us. 

Take the time to explore all that the College of Professional Sciences at Xavier University has to offer. Whether you are interested in undergraduate or graduate programs, the faculty and staff are eager to share the opportunities in our college.  Make a difference in the world!

Go X!

Dr. Amy Overman
Dean, College of Professional Sciences