Loyal Musketeer Scholarship

Loyal Musketeer Scholarship Program

The Loyal Musketeer Scholarship is available to all graduating students and alumni who wish to pursue a graduate degree at Xavier. The scholarship is equal to 25 percent off the program tuition rate for most graduate programs. All Xavier alumni who enroll in a graduate degree program at Xavier are eligible for the scholarship. The scholarship applies to graduate degree-seeking students for both part-time and full-time enrollment, with a minimum of 6 credit-hours per semester.

Scholarship FAQs

The Loyal Musketeer Scholarship is a new scholarship beginning Fall 2022 exclusively for Xavier University alumni. Students who began their graduate program January 2022 or later will be eligible for the scholarship beginning the Fall 2022 term. Students who are currently enrolled in a program that began before January 2022 are not eligible for this scholarship.

No matter when you graduated or if you earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from Xavier, you are eligible for the Loyal Musketeer Scholarship program. Note that a student’s degree and graduation year will be verified with the Registrar’s Office at the time of registration.

All program admission requirements must be met and adhered to. Check with each program for good academic standing requirements.

The scholarship awards an amount equal to 25% of the posted per credit hour tuition rate for the graduate program. For example, a program charging a tuition of $875 per credit hour would be credited with a scholarship amount of $218.75 per credit hour resulting in a net tuition rate of $656.25 per credit hour for qualifying students.

The Executive MBA and the Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D) programs are not eligible for the Loyal Musketeer Scholarship.

No application is needed. Our admissions team will be notified of your alumni status through the application process based on the education background submitted in your application. Eligibility will be verified with the Registrar’s Office at the time of application completion. Tuition discounts will apply to posted tuition charges and will be automatically deducted from student billing accounts.

Students must also maintain good academic standing in their respective program to continue to be eligible to receive the scholarship.

The Loyal Musketeer Scholarship may not be used in combination with any other Xavier University scholarships, fellowships, waivers, awards, or tuition remission. The only exceptions to this policy are “first class free” incentives and certain onetime departmental awards (please contact your program director or Office of the Graduate School for eligibility information). Any alternative Xavier scholarship larger than the 25 percent Loyal Musketeer Scholarship would take precedence.

Yes, students working as a Graduate Assistant (GA) receiving tuition remission are still eligible to receive the Loyal Musketeer Scholarship.

Yes, you are eligible to receive the scholarship during your graduate year(s).

If you started your graduate program in January 2022 or later, you are eligible for the scholarship beginning in the Fall 2022 term. Students who began their program before January 2022 are not eligible for this scholarship.

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