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The Master of Education in Multicultural Literature offers a graduate degree for licensed teachers wanting to enhance their knowledge of diverse literature for children. Teachers learn how to read, interpret, assess and carefully choose from a growing collection of multicultural and global literature and incorporate it into a vibrant and inclusive, international classroom. It is one of the most powerful components of a multicultural education curriculum, which strives to make our society a more equitable one. The degree is founded in the Jesuit tradition of working towards justice.


Applications are accepted throughout the year from students with a bachelor's degree and a solid academic background. You may begin the program in the summer, fall or spring term.

To apply, submit the following application materials to the Office of Graduate Admission:

  • The online graduate application.
  • One official transcript sent directly from the college/university of all previous undergraduate and graduate coursework to:
    Xavier University
    Admission Processing Center
    3800 Victory Parkway
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45207-5131
    Electronic transcripts to
  • Official test scores from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). If you have previously taken the GRE and want to have your scores sent to Xavier, please contact GRE at 1-888-GRE-SCORE.

Applications are processed immediately upon receiving all of the necessary materials, and you will be notified of your status as soon as possible. The admission committee considers all of the information contained in the admission application, including prior grades, test scores and evidence of potential for success in graduate study.


Applicants to Graduate Programs in the School of Education Must Have:

  • Undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited university AND
  • Admission test score
Test score may be waived under one of the following conditions:
  • State licensed teacher
  • Pursuing a M.Ed. or M.S.Ed. without licensure (if undergrad GPA is 3.0 or higher)
  • Pursuing a principal or administration license
  • Pursuing a second license or endorsement
  • Pursuing a Montessori teaching credential only

*International students may have additional application requirements. See International Graduate Admissions for more information.

For questions regarding the application process, e-mail the Office of Graduate Services at

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Most prerequisites are met by obtaining a valid teaching certificate or license. Graduate candidates must have (or be in the process of completing) a valid teaching certificate or license.

EDEL 314: Teaching Reading in the Elementary School OR EDRE 569: Phonics and Foundations of Literacy............ 3cr.

Core Requirements

The following 9 hours of core courses are required for the MEd.

EDFD 500: History and Philosophy of American Education............ 3cr.

EDFD 505: Organization of Education Systems in the United States............ 3cr.

EDFD 507: Educational Research............ 2cr.

EDFD 508: Educational Research Paper............ 1cr.

Concentration Requirements

The following 21 hours of courses are required for the multicultural literature concentration:

EDCH 501: Advanced Children's Literature *............ 3cr.

EDCH 505: Storytelling as a Cultural Craft............ 3cr.

EDCH 515: Adolescent Literature............ 3cr.

EDCH 520: Multicultural Literature *............ 3cr.

EDCH 528: Current Topics in Children's Literature............ 3cr.

EDEL 652: Culturally Responsive Teaching............ 3cr.

Choice of a literature course offered by the English Department............ 3cr.

* Required course for program
** EDCH 524 Children's Literature for Early Childhood and EDCH 526 Children's Literature for Middle Grades may be substituted in the program with written permission from the director of the program director.

Students completing their studies for the MEd in multicultural literature for children must pass a comprehensive examination and must be able to write knowledgeably on the following areas: Children's literature (in general), multicultural literature for children, storytelling as both a genre and a craft, the impact of multicultural literature on the elementary curriculum, adolescent literature as it impacts a global society, and analysis of appropriate literature for children.

All requirements are subject to change.

Ohio Reading Endorsement K-12

Professionals holding a valid Ohio teaching certificate or licensure of any type who wish to complete requirements for certification as a reading teacher K-12, which is an endorsement to the teaching certificate or licensure, must complete the following coursework or have completed it in previous undergraduate or graduate study:

EDRE 269/569: Foundations of Literacy............ 3cr.

EDRE 471/671: Content Area Literacy............ 3cr.

EDRE 472/672: Theories of Reading............ 3cr.

EDRE 478/678: Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Difficulties............ 3cr.

EDRE 479/679: Practicum in Reading............ 3cr.


The remaining six credit hours may be chosen from the following:

EDCH 501: Advanced Children's Literature............ 3cr.

EDCH 505: Storytelling as a Cultural Craft............ 3cr.

EDCH 515: Adolescent Literature............ 3cr.

EDCH 520: Multicultural Literature............ 3cr.

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MEd in Multicultural Literature Curriculum

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Students completing the Master of Education in Multicultural Literature take a comprehensive exam and must be able to write knowledgeably about children's literature, multicultural literature for children, storytelling as genre, the impact of multicultural literature on the elementary curriculum, adolescent literature as it impacts a global society, and analysis of developmentally and culturally appropriate literature for children.

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Reading Endorsement for Educators

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Licensed teachers who are completing the Master of Education in Multicultural Literature can pursue the Ohio Reading Endorsement separately or as part of their degree program. Those desiring a reading endorsement from the State of Ohio also complete 50 hours of field work.

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Summer Reading Camp

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Xavier has a robust Summer Reading Practicum that began over 35 years ago. This in-demand summer program is designed as part of the coursework for the MEd in Reading for teachers who want to become master teachers in the curricular area of reading education.

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Multicultural Literature (MEd) Program at Xavier University

Xavier’s School of Education offers a Master of Education with a concentration in Multicultural Literature for Children. This professional degree is designed to meet the needs of licensed teaching professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of diverse literature for children in the classroom. The degree consists of 30 hours of coursework including 21 hours for the concentration focused on the diversity of literature, using a global lens. In alignment with our Jesuit ideals, instructors model how to establish a personal relationship with students, listen to them in the process of teaching, and draw them toward personal initiative and responsibility for learning. This program of student-centered instruction, characterized by structure and flexibility, provides the best methods, techniques, and content knowledge needed to meet the needs of the whole person.

Xavier University's College of Professional Sciences prepares undergraduate and graduate students intellectually, morally and spiritually for careers and professions of service. CPS challenges students to strive for academic excellence and life-long learning through promoting collaboration and community partnerships, and incorporating research, scholarship and innovation.

Xavier University is a private university located in Cincinnati, Ohio, providing a liberal arts education in the Jesuit Catholic tradition. Founded in 1831, the University is the sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation. It has been ranked among the top 10 master's-level universities in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report for the past two decades. The Princeton Review names it one of the "Best 385 Colleges in America."