Student Handbook - Animals

For health and sanitary reasons, students may not keep animals of any kind in University-owned housing with the exception of Service Animals with a housing accommodation, approved Emotional Support Animals with an accommodation, and tropical fish (no piranhas). Fish tank size is limited to less than ten gallons. The care of fish is the resident's responsibility. Policies regarding Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals can be found in Sections and and must be adhered to in the Residence Halls. 

Students requesting an Emotional Support Animal must have the animal approved by the Office of Accessibility and Disability Resources through the accommodation process before they can bring the animal to campus.  Students are expected to care for any animal in accordance with the guidelines provided by Accessibility and Disability Resources and Residence Life. For more information on the process to request an ESA accommodation, please visit the Accessibility and Disability Resources website 

Health laws require extermination and deodorization procedures after removal of an animal if it has been kept in the hall. These services will be performed at the expense of the student who violates policy. Pets of guests are also prohibited.