Student Handbook


The following sections are standards and policies that apply to Xavier students' conduct. Violation of the Standards of Student Conduct in Part 2 may subject the student to the Student Conduct Process and sanctions in Part 3 of this Handbook.

The "Policy of Respect" set forth in Section 2.2 explains broader principles that Xavier students must comply with at all times. Section 2.3 "Conduct Specifically Permitted and Prohibited" is made up of a variety of policies governing students' conduct related to specific topics or scenarios. Depending on the nature of the conduct and the circumstances of the situation, the same conduct by a student may be processed and sanctioned as a violation of either Section 2.2 or Section 2.3 or both.

All matters involving students may be subject to the Student Conduct Process and sanctioned by Xavier regardless of whether the conduct occurred on or off Xavier's campus, and regardless of whether the event is a Xavier sponsored or supervised activity.