Student Handbook

1.6 - Sex Discrimination

For the purposes of this Handbook, Sex Discrimination includes the following:

  • Conduct that violates Xavier’s Title IX Sexual Harassment policies (Section
  • Conduct that violates Xavier’s Interpersonal Violence policies (Section

Individuals of all sex, sexual orientation, and/or gender identities can engage in and be victims of Sex Discrimination.

The University issues this statement of policy to inform the community of the comprehensive plan addressing Sex Discrimination when reported to a University official, and reaffirms its commitment to maintain a campus environment emphasizing the dignity and worth of all members of the University community.

This information applies to reports of Sex Discrimination that may constitute prohibited Title IX Sexual Harassment as well as conduct that may constitute prohibited Interpersonal Violence (see definitions at Section

Xavier's approach to addressing the issue of Sex Discrimination focuses on six areas: (1) Preparedness, (2) Prevention, (3) Reporting (4) Response, (5) Resources and (6) Recovery as described in the following sections: