Student Handbook


These are the standards Xavier University will enforce to maintain the quality of student life off-campus. Because Xavier values community relationships, Xavier may hold students accountable for their conduct off campus when made aware of the violations. This specifically includes, but is not limited to, Xavier's Policy of Respect, Alcohol and Other Drug, Harassment and Sex Discrimination Policies. The Dean of Students will coordinate such processes. Alleged violations of or convictions of local, state, or federal law occurring off-campus may violate this policy when the conduct has an adverse impact on the University.

Students are living as residents of long established neighborhoods, which have abiding interests in maintaining property values and quality of life. It is a proper expectation that all neighbors, including students, should act to protect the aesthetic and property values of the community. The University also has an interest in maintaining the quality of the surrounding areas. In general, act the way you would in a neighborhood in which you would like to own property.

Students are expected to maintain their residences, both inside and outside, in an appropriate manner that reflects the standards and expectations for on-campus residential living. Students maintain the yard and outside areas. Do not allow visible trash or junk (i.e., old or battered furniture, empty beer kegs, etc.) to remain. Remove boxes from move-in within a reasonable period of time. Make sure the lawn does not become overgrown. Work with your landlord to keep the property maintained.

If you own a car, be considerate in your parking habits. Park in front of your own home, if possible. Do not park in front of other homes for long periods of time, as the neighbors would like to have access to parking space in front of their homes. The law prohibits parking on sidewalks and lawns.

If you have a party or gathering, be considerate of how it affects the neighborhood. Ensure that music, voices, and other noises do not disturb the normal life of the community. Limit the event to your own living space. Tell your neighbors in advance that you will have guests, provide them with a means of contacting you during the party or gathering (e.g., telephone number), and follow-up with them afterwards.

You may be liable for the actions of your guests. Be aware of your responsibilities and ensure that your guests know theirs. Contact local police if you need help controlling your party or gathering. The Cincinnati Police Department (citywide dispatch) can be reached at 513-765-1212. The Norwood Police Department can be reached at 513-458-4520.

Written warnings and other types of conduct sanctions may be applied to Xavier student residents of an off-campus property where the Standards of Student Conduct are violated. Students should note that a written warning will become part of the student's conduct file.

All student residents of an off-campus property will be responsible for violations that occur at their property. If a resident of the reported off-campus property has documentation from a credible source that they were not present at the time of the violation, that person may not be held responsible. Documentation must be submitted to the Dean of Students or designee to determine if it will be accepted and the final decision will be that of the Dean of Students or designee. - University Authority in Cases Occurring off Campus

The Code of Student Conduct applies to behaviors that take place on the campus, at University-sponsored events and may also apply off-campus when the Dean of Students or designee determines that the off-campus conduct affects a substantial University interest. A substantial University interest is defined to include:

  • Any situation where it appears that the student's conduct may present a danger or threat to health or safety of themselves or others; and/or
  • Any situation that significantly impinges upon the rights, property or achievements of self or others or significantly breaches the peace and/or causes social disorder; and/or
  • Any situation that is detrimental to the educational mission and/or interests of the University/College; 

Additional information regarding Xavier's expectations for student's off-campus behavior is found in Section 2.3.5 ("Standards for Off-Campus Living").