Student Handbook - Decorations

Students may decorate their rooms and apartments in a way that will be pleasing to them, without using paint on walls/ceilings, nails, scotch tape, or other materials that may damage the wall, ceiling, or floor surfaces of any room. Students will be held responsible for any damage caused in their rooms or apartments and will be billed for the repairs. Failure to remove non-University furniture at the end of the year will result in a charge for the removal and disposition of remaining items. Students should use the following guidelines for decorating (this list is meant to be illustrative, not exhaustive):

  • Fire safety precautions must be followed when decorating. No more than 50% of a wall or window glass can be covered.
  • Students may not use full or empty alcohol containers to decorate their rooms.
  • Decorations such as posters, cloth, pictures, or tapestries may not be hung from the ceiling, moldings, steel holder, or attached to anything along the ceiling, or cover any light fixtures due to a possible fire hazard.
  • Candles, incense, or other heat/flame producing items (including, but not limited to, halogen lamps, and oil lamps) are not permitted and will be confiscated.
  • Residents should limit their decorations to their living space. Residents may decorate any designated space outside their living unit with materials deemed appropriate within the Xavier community. If there are concerns regarding what constitutes inappropriate decorations, contact a Residence Life staff member, as it is the sole responsibility of the Office of Residence Life to make such a determination. Materials containing pornography or profanity of any kind are never appropriate for decoration inside a room, in the space outside the living unit, or anywhere on the Xavier University campus.
  • Duct tape, toothpaste, and colored sticky tack can cause damage to the walls and residents should not use these items to hang materials from the walls.
  • Students may use electric LED string lights or battery-operated lights in their room year-round to decorate the space. Lights must be hung without causing damage to the room and should only be lit when residents are awake and in the room/suite/apartment. If damage is caused by the hanging of the lights or lights being burned for long periods of time the residents will be charged for repairs.