Student Handbook - Damages/Vandalism

Each student is responsible for the condition of and damage to their housing space and shall reimburse the Office of Residence Life or Physical Plant for all damages and loss of furnishings. Upon checking into on-campus housing, each resident is responsible for completing a detailed inventory form in order to identify the condition of the unit. Upon moving out, the room or apartment must be in the same condition as when the student first occupied it. Final damage assessment will only be completed by Residence Life non-student professional staff. 

  • Students or student groups will be held responsible for any damage they do in any part of a building or property and will be billed for such damages. In the event of damage that is not assignable to an individual or specific group, all members of a wing, floor, or building will be charged a prorated fee.
  • Residents will be held responsible for any damages and /or vandalism caused by their guests.