The Village Townhouse and Tower apartments (units 7-56) have access to balconies and/or porches off of their units. The occupancy of these spaces is limited no more than 6 people for weight limit and egress safety standards. Students residing in the Village Townhouse and Tower apartments are permitted to store outdoor furniture on their balcony/patio spaces. Outdoor furniture refers to furniture intended for outdoor use and may not exceed four chairs and a small table. Outdoor furniture is not provided by Xavier University, but may be brought in by students residing in these apartments only. These items must be removed along with the rest of students’ personal property upon move out. Storage and use of university owned furniture or other personal property on balconies/porches is not permitted. 


Students residing in the Village Flats (units 1-6) are not permitted to store or place items outside of their front door to maintain clear, unobstructed walkways.