Student Handbook - Reporting Party’s Participation Options in Interpersonal Violence Investigation and Student Conduct Process

In matters involving allegations of Interpersonal Violence, a Reporting Party may choose how much they want to participate in the investigation and conduct hearing process:

  • A Reporting Party may fully participate in the investigation and the conduct process as described in this Student Handbook. Under this option, the Reporting Party will be afforded all rights enumerated in Section Rights of Reporting Party, or
  • A Reporting Party may provide their report/statement to the Title IX Office and discontinue participation. The Title IX Office will assess under Xavier’s Interpersonal Violence policies whether there is reasonable cause to believe the accused individual may have violated Xavier’s Interpersonal Violence policies. If the Title IX Office concludes that there is reasonable cause and if the Reporting Party is no longer participating, it will determine need for and nature of further investigation under the University’s policies. If the Title IX Office does not find reasonable cause, they have the authority to terminate the investigation and end the complaint resolution proceedings. The Reporting Party (and Responding Party if applicable) will be notified of this decision, or
  • A Reporting Party has the right not to participate in Xavier’s Interpersonal Violence investigation and student conduct process at any time and will not be compelled to do so. It should be understood that this will limit Xavier’s ability to fully address the potential policy violations. If a Reporting Party notifies Xavier officials that they will not be participating, the Title IX Office and/or Dean of Students will determine under Xavier’s Interpersonal Violence policies whether the University will proceed with the complaint resolution process without the Reporting Party’s participation.