Student Handbook - Compliance with Law Enforcement

To the extent consistent with Xavier’s Interpersonal Violence policies and the best interests of all concerned (as determined by Xavier), Xavier will comply with law enforcement requests for cooperation. Such cooperation may include Xavier temporarily delaying the start of or suspend an ongoing information-gathering investigation while the law enforcement agency is in the process of gathering evidence (not the ultimate outcome of the criminal investigation or the filing of any criminal charges). If Xavier has temporarily delayed or suspended its investigation, Xavier will promptly resume its investigation promptly after it is notified by the law enforcement agency that it has completed the evidence gathering process. Law enforcement agencies typically take three to ten calendar days for their evidence gathering process, although the delay in Xavier's investigation may be shorter or longer in certain circumstances. In any case, Xavier may implement appropriate Interim Measures during the law enforcement agency's investigation period to provide for the safety of the Reporting Party and the campus community and to avoid retaliation. For additional information about Interim Measures by Xavier, see Section 3.3 ("Interim Measures for Individuals and/or the Campus Community").