Student Handbook


Students who wish to be reinstated after taking a voluntary or mandatory leave of absence must submit a written request to the academic dean of their college and copy the Dean of Students Office. Students are encouraged to begin the reinstatement process as soon as they know they intend of returning to Xavier, and to consult the University’s Academic Calendar, because it can take up to eight (8) weeks to process the reinstatement request.   

If the leave was for personal reason(s), there could be circumstances in which the academic dean or the Dean of Students or designee may establish specific requirements or conditions for re-enrollment.  The goal of these conditions is to ensure a successful return to the University and the rigors of the classroom.

If the leave was for medical reasons, the university may require the student’s medical/treatment provider to complete a Treatment form. The student must submit the form to the Dean of Students or designee, who will determine support resources to promote the student’s success.  The Dean of Student or designee may convene a Leave of Absence Committee to conduct an individualized assessment of the student, including consideration of current medical knowledge and/or the best available objective evidence. Careful consideration will be given to the opinions and recommendations of the student’s treating physician or mental health professional, if available.

The Leave of Absence Committee may recommend the implementation of accommodations, supportive measures, and/or behavioral expectations to mitigate risk and allow the student to remain enrolled at Xavier, through a Care Agreement as outlined in Section 3.9.5.

Students on probation for disciplinary or academic reasons will resume their probationary status upon their return for the duration of the assigned probationary period.

Upon reinstatement, students can expect to receive registration instructions from their academic dean’s office.