Student Handbook


Xavier University strives to foster an atmosphere that encourages and promotes mutual respect and consideration for others. Students are expected to cooperate in observing the Standards of Student Conduct that contribute to a positive environment. Violations of Xavier's Standard of Student Conduct will be addressed appropriately and a student found responsible for an alleged conduct violation will be sanctioned. Any sanction(s) imposed on a Responding Party will be based on the facts and circumstances represented by the particular matter.

Specifically, student conduct sanctions will be determined based on the severity of the behavior, the impact of the behavior on the community, the level of the student's responsibility for the incident, and prior student conduct history. Depending on severity of the violation, multiple sanctions may be imposed and depending on the nature of the violation, sanctions may include educational, developmental and/or restrictive measures. Educational and restrictive sanctions will generally be imposed in combinations that are designed to affect desired behavior changes. Because students are expected to learn from previous mistakes and poor choices, violations of polices and sanctions given in previous conduct incidents will impact the sanctions imposed for future violations throughout their college career (this includes Xavier University Police Department citations and off-campus situations).

Educational/developmental sanctions may include, but are not limited to:

  • - Reflection and accountability meeting with a faculty/staff member
  • - Engagement in a restorative justice process with those impacted
  • - Required participation in workshop/online course
  • - Completion of sustained encounter project
  • - Community service
  • - Financial Restitution

Restrictive sanctions may include, but are not limited to:

  • - Expulsion
  • - Suspension
  • - University Probation
  • - Removal from University Housing
  • - Residence Life Probation
  • - Limitation on Activities