Student Handbook Title IX and Interpersonal Violence Response Office’s Report

After concluding the information-gathering investigation, the Title IX Office shall prepare a written report, summarizing the facts, materials or other information collected and any observations made during the investigation. The report is intended to be factual in nature and not draw conclusions or give opinions about as to whether a violation occurred. The Title IX Office will indicate in the report whether, based on the totality of the investigation, the office has assessed that there is reasonable cause to believe that the Responding Party may have violated one or more of Xavier's Interpersonal Violence policies. If the Title IX Office has made that assessment, it will recommend to the Dean of Students that student conduct action be scheduled. The Dean of Students will then review the Interpersonal Violence Investigation Report and if they concur with the Title IX Office recommendation, they will assess under what potential violations (including Xavier policies in addition to the Interpersonal Violence policies) the Responding Party may be charged and will notify the Responding Party in writing of these charges. A Responding Party will then have the right to accept responsibility for one or more of the alleged violations and accept the benchmark or other appropriate sanctions for those violations (Section 3.5.1.). In the event the Responding Party does not accept responsibility, the matter will proceed to a hearing before the University Conduct Board.