Student Handbook - Information-Gathering Investigation

The Title IX Office will promptly investigate all complaints of Interpersonal Violence. This investigation will be adequate, reliable and impartial. The time it takes to conduct an investigation depends on the particular facts and circumstances; however, most investigations will begin within 10 business days of the determination that the matter will be addressed under the Interpersonal Violence policies and the Title IX Office will take all reasonable steps to conduct the investigation in a timely manner. Timelines may expand or contract depending on many factors including, but not limited to, the complexity of the matter, the availability of witnesses or evidence, or the time in the school year when the investigation takes place. In general, the Title IX Office ‘s information-gathering investigation will include talking to the parties involved, other witnesses, members of law enforcement (if applicable), other individuals and collecting any materials or information that may be related to the allegations.

At the Chief Title IX Officers’ discretion, multiple incidents involving the same individual(s) may be considered in one investigation or in separate investigations. The order of separate investigations will be determined by the Chief Title IX Officer.