Student Handbook


Students are responsible for knowing and abiding by the Standards of Student Conduct described in Part 2 of this Student Handbook. If someone complains that a student has violated any section of the Standards of Student Conduct, or if Xavier otherwise becomes aware that a student may have violated the Standards of Student Conduct, in most instances the matter will be reviewed in accordance with the Student Conduct Process set forth in Part 3 of this Handbook.

As described more fully below in Section 3.5 ("Methods of Resolving a Charge of a Violation of the Standards of Student Conduct"), student conduct matters may be resolved in one of three ways: the student, the "Responding Party," accepts responsibility for the charges and the accompanying sanction (s); or by way of an alternative resolution process; or by way of a hearing to determine whether the student is responsible or not responsible for the alleged violation (s). Alternative resolution processes are not appropriate for and will not be offered in Title IX Sexual Harassment or Interpersonal Violence matters. Students who accept responsibility for violations and students who are found responsible will be sanctioned in accordance with Section 3.7 ("Sanctions") of this Handbook.

Students should be aware that violations of this Handbook are sometimes also potential violations of the law. For more information, see Section 1.3.5 ("Violation of Law and University Policy") of this Handbook.