Student Handbook


The University is committed to the ongoing safety, health, and wellbeing of members of its community.  Student health, safety, and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to the University.  We recognize there are many reasons why a student might need to take a leave of absence, including both personal and medical, and these policies are designed to offer clarity regarding processes and expectations for students requesting or being required to take time away from Xavier University.  

If a student chooses to withdraw from a semester in progress, the student will receive the notation of “W” for courses on their transcript to reflect their withdrawal from the semester. The deadline for withdrawing from a semester in progress is noted in the University’s Academic Calendar for each semester.

Financial Aid & Billing Questions: For purposes of federal and Xavier financial aid, all leaves of absence shall be considered a student withdrawal from the University. All questions regarding the implications of a leave of absence on financial aid should be directed to the Office of Financial Aid. All questions regarding billing should be directed to the Bursar’s Office.

The Registrar’s Office can assist with and will determine the transferability of any credits earned at another institution during the student’s leave. 

Students in any accelerated program, should be aware of their programs' alterative academic calendar (i.e. terms instead of semesters).  Students in an accelerated program including, but not limited to ABSN, MBA, EMBA, and APEX  must contact their academic programs or colleges for guidance on the impacts of a leave of absence on the accelerated program and reinstatement.

The Dean of Students Office has a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).