Student Handbook


Pending resolution of an institutional process, "Interim Measures" may be implemented by the Dean of Students or designee, or Xavier University Police, when there is a significant student behavior or health and safety concern that requires immediate intervention to preserve and support the general welfare and academic experience of one or more students and/or the Xavier community. In matters involving allegations of Interpersonal Violence, the Title IX Office may work with the listed individuals to identify, coordinate or implement Interim Measures. Information regarding these types of measures (referred to as “Supportive Measures” under Title IX) in matters of Title IX Sexual Harassment may be found in Section

Examples of Interim Measures include, but are not limited to, a University No Contact Order, adjustments to and assistance with academic, living, or working situations, counseling, health services, visa and immigration assistance and assistance in notifying appropriate local law enforcement, adjustments to on campus living, and separation from campus. These remedies may apply to one, both, or multiple parties involved. Violations of any Interim Measures may constitute separate Code of Conduct violations that may lead to additional disciplinary action. Interim Measures imposed may be temporary pending the results of an institutional process or may become permanent as determined by Xavier University.  

Requests for Interim Measures should be directed to the Dean of Students or designee, Director of Residence Life, Xavier University Police, or the Chief Title IX Officer.

In matters of Interpersonal Violence, the Title IX Office will determine whether Interim Measures should be implemented, and if so, take steps to implement those measures as soon as possible.

Personally identifiable information about the Reporting Party will be treated as confidential and only shared with persons with a specific need to know. This would include individuals who are investigating/adjudicating the complaint or delivering resources or support services to the Reporting Party. For example, publicly available records for purposes of Clery Act reporting and disclosures will be made without inclusion of identifying information about the Reporting Party, as defined in 42 USC 1395 (a) (20).). Further, the University will maintain as confidential, any adjustments or Interim Measures provided to the Reporting Party to the extent that maintaining such confidentiality would not impair the ability of the institution to provide the accommodations or protective measures.

The University does not publish the name of Reporting Parties nor maintain identifiable information regarding Reporting Parties in XUPD’s Daily Crime Log or online reports. In accord with FERPA, Reporting Parties may request that directory information on file be removed from public sources. Reporting Parties, who are employees, should contact the Office of Human Resources and students may request directory information be removed from public sources by filling out the required form at the Registrar's Office.

The following is a non-exclusive list of examples of Interim Measures that may be implemented, when determined to be necessary and appropriate.