Student Handbook


Should an individual pose an immediate danger to or severely disrupt the Xavier community, or endanger any individual (including oneself), a student may be separated from Xavier, including removal from all housing, classes and activities, pending the resolution of an institutional process. When an Interim Separation is imposed, a student is excluded from participation in any academic or other Xavier activities for the duration of the Interim Separation and is prohibited from visiting Xavier's premises (all buildings and grounds) except when engaged in official conferences approved in writing, by phone or email through the Dean of Students, or designee. If the resolution of the underlying issue does not result in a separation from Xavier (i.e., suspension, expulsion, or mandatory leave), measures will be taken to assist the student in mitigating any negative academic impact resulting from being put on interim separation from Xavier. The decision whether or not to impose an Interim Separation will be at the discretion of the Dean of Students, or designee. In matters of alleged Sex Discrimination, the Title IX Office has the authority to impose Interim Separation.

Any student placed on Interim Separation pending an institutional process may not return until a final decision is reached in that process.

In the instance of an alleged occurrence of Sexual Harassment that is prohibited by Title IX (Section where the Title IX Office places the responding student on Interim Separation, Xavier will follow the policies of Section Emergency Removal in Title IX Sexual Harassment Matters.

Should a Responding Party be found responsible for a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, Interim Separation may be continued or initiated pending conclusion of any appeal proceedings.