Student Handbook


Interim Measures may be taken by the Dean of Students to address a medical or behavioral emergency involving a student (including a mental health crisis). A student whose conduct involves threatening behaviors and which is contrary to the Standards of Student Conduct, due to psychological or other medical difficulties, may be required to participate in the Student Conduct Process and/or to obtain a diagnostic evaluation. A student may also be required to participate with the University in developing a relevant treatment plan. Failure to comply with the treatment requirement can result in contact with parents, disciplinary action, and removal from on-campus housing, and/or mandatory withdrawal from Xavier.

Further, Xavier may disclose information from a student's education record to appropriate parties in connection with an emergency if the information is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or other individuals.

When a Xavier employee has knowledge of conduct that causes a belief that a student is a direct threat of danger to others or if the student has demonstrated behaviors that are disruptive to the community or constitute violations of the Standards of Student Conduct, Xavier reserves the right to mandate a diagnostic assessment. This assessment will be conducted by an independently licensed professional acceptable to the University. In such instances, the student will be required to sign a release of information indicating that specific limited information can be shared with the Dean of Students regarding the outcome of the assessment, which may become part of the student's education record. Specifically, information shared may include whether the student has complied with scheduling and completing the mandated assessment, and whether or not the student has agreed to follow-up treatment recommendations. The student will be advised of the possible consequences of signing such a release. If the release of information has not been signed, and a copy has not been provided to the Dean of Students within five business days of the request, the Dean of Students may make contact with parents, and/or the student may be subject to disciplinary action, removal from on-campus housing, and/or mandatory withdrawal from Xavier.

Upon completion of the assessment, the Dean of Students will consult with the assessor and others, including the student, to determine whether in the Dean's judgment the student no longer poses a direct threat of danger to others. If the Dean determines that the direct threat is no longer existent, the Interim Measures shall be removed in whole or in part so that the student may be permitted to return to the University. The Dean may, if deemed appropriate and/or necessary, impose limitations such as only allowing a student to attend classes but no longer live in the residence halls.