Student Handbook


Xavier University complies with Ohio law in recognizing orders of protection and encourages any person who obtains an order of protection from any U.S. state to provide a copy to XUPD and the Title IX Office. A Reporting Party may then meet with XUPD to develop a Safety Action Plan, which is a plan for XUPD and the victim to reduce risk of harm while on or nearby campus. This plan may include, but is not limited to escorts; providing a temporary cellphone; changing classroom location, supervisor or work location; or allowing a student to complete assignments from home. The University cannot apply for a legal order of protection for the victim from the applicable jurisdiction(s). The victim is required to apply directly for these services. For access to all required forms related to orders of protection, visit the Clerk of the Courts page at

Types of Protection Orders in Ohio

There are different kinds of Protection Orders available to victims of different forms of unwanted conduct. Depending on who the perpetrator is, what happened, and other factors, there are differences in where, when and how you seek these orders, what they do, and how long they last. Xavier's Annual Security Report provides basic information on each, and then detailed information follows. Ohio has jurisdiction over these cases as long as some of the acts occurred in Ohio, regardless of where the perpetrator lives. In Protection Order cases, the person who files the motion for the Protection Order is the "Petitioner" and the accused perpetrator is the "Responding Party."

Upon receiving notice and a copy of an externally issued protective order from a court of competent jurisdiction, Xavier University Police Department will assist in the enforcement of the order, including responding to reported violations of the protective order. While alerting XUPD to the existence of a Civil Protection Order (CPO) and/or seeking assistance from XUPD regarding a potential violation of a CPO, these actions will not necessarily trigger XUPD having to initiate an investigation (particularly if the Reporting Party expresses their preference that XUPD not do so), but individuals should know that contacting XUPD regarding a CPO may put them on notice that Interpersonal Violence or Title IX Sexual Harassment may have occurred and XUPD will then be required to report that information to the Title IX Office.