The Williams College of Business

Financial Resources

Your financial needs are integral to selecting the right program. It's important to explore all possible avenues to assist you in this endeavor. Some options are described below. You may obtain all current financial aid information and applications for these and any other programs by calling the Office of Student Financial Services at 513-745-3142, or by email.

View the Office of Financial Graduate Student Aid Guide for 2021-2022

Tuition Payment Plans

The X-flex plan breaks payment into installments. The option is available through the Office of the Bursar. You may sign up for this option via the hub. A $50 enrollment fee is collected each semester this option is used. For further information, contact the Office of the Bursar at 513-745-3405 or email.

Tuition Deferral Program

Graduate Business students with employer reimbursement may enroll in this plan. It allows for a semester deferment of tuition and fees for up to 45 days after the semester ends. A confirmation from the student's employer is required along with a one time fee. Please refer to the TDP form for terms and details on enrolling into this option. Consults the bursar's office with any questions.

Low-interest Loans

United States citizens are eligible for low-interest student loans. For Graduate students, this includes the Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan. Direct all of your questions about benefits and eligibility to the Office of Student Financial Services at 513-745-3142 or email. Visit their website for information and links to scholarship search engines.

Graduate Scholarships

At the Williams College of Business (WCB) at Xavier University, we are invested in the education of our students. We offer academic scholarships to recognize students for their achievements, and to make higher education accessible to a diverse population. View WCB graduate scholarships

Graduate School Business Grants

Xavier's graduate school of the Williams College of Business provides partial tuition assistance each year to many students. Grants are awarded through the Office of Student Financial Services via completion of the FAFSA and meeting the need based standards.

For students with an international designation, you may email the MBA office for a special form for grant consideration.

Veteran's Administration Benefits

All veterans and their dependents may take their course of study under the GI Bill. Xavier is also a Service Members Opportunity College. Request information from the director of Veteran's Educational Benefits at 513-745-3942. Check your VA benefits by calling 800-827-1000.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships are available throughout the WCB in departments of accounting, management and entrepreneurship, as well as the Deans Office and the MBA Office. The graduate assistant can be awarded up to 24 credit hours of tuition and an hourly wage. Complete the MBA Graduate Assistantship application.

Graduate assistantships outside the Williams College of Business are also available. View opportunities and apply through Office of Graduate Services. Contact the office with questions by phone (513-745-3360) or email.

Scholarship Opportunities outside Xavier University

The Xavier Office of Student Financial Services maintains a list of scholarship opportunities outside of Xavier. Eligibility requirements and questions should be directed to the sponsoring organization. Please contact their office for details by phone (513-745-3142) or email.

Other - a free scholarship search; not affiliated with Xavier.