The Williams College of Business


Writing Guide

The guidelines were created to help undergraduate and graduate students write more professional documents. The guidelines cover:

  • Style and grammatical errors and guidelines
  • Mechanical guidelines for formatting the paper
  • Procedures for presenting the written narrative
  • Styles for common business formats
  • Instructions on constructing references
  • Guide to structuring appendices

Email Forwarding

Graduate students at Xavier have the option to forward their Xavier email to a personal email account. Instructions for this process can be found through the Information Technologies Knowledge Base.

Please note that emails from a professor to a class are sent directly to the Xavier email address. If a student elects not to participate in the email forwarding opportunity it is highly recommended to check Xavier email on a regular basis.

Library Assistance

The library is located in the McDonald Building on the Academic Mall. In addition to the library collections, the McDonald Building provides study, lounge, conference, and instruction space. It houses photocopiers, multimedia equipment and computer workstations. For current members of the Xavier Community the library provides on-site and off-campus access to the XPLORE Library Catalog, research databases, electronic journals, electronic books, electronic reserves and the World Wide Web.

Printing on Campus

Graduate and undergraduate students have printing limits on the number of free pages available per semester before a cost per page is charge. Review the details for university printing resources.

Refund Policy for Dropped Courses

Students who officially withdraw from the University or withdraw from class(es) may be eligible for a refund of tuition based upon the amount of tuition assessed and the date of official withdrawal. Students must officially withdraw through the office of the registrar to be eligible for any refund. All financial aid must be adjusted before issuing a refund.

Tuition refunds for summer sessions are prorated based upon the official withdrawal date and the portion of the session elapsed. Contact the office of the bursar for specific refund amounts. Refund checks are issued each Friday to those individuals who had a credit balance / overpayment on their Bursar account at the end of the previous week. The checks are available for pick up after noon on Friday in the office of the bursar. Checks not picked up by 5:00 p.m. on the next business day will be mailed to the student's local address.


Graduate student housing is very limited on campus. For those students seeking housing, the office of commuter services (513 745-3824) provides listings of local apartments, which have been frequented in the past by other graduate students.