Office of the Bursar Holiday Hours

The Office of the Bursar will close at 11:30AM on Friday, December 13, 2019, in order to attend a Divisional meeting. The Office will reopen on Monday, December 16, 2019, at 8:30AM. 

The Office will close on Friday, December 20, 2019, at 5:00PM for the holiday break. The Office will reopen on Thursday, January 2, 2020, at 8:30AM.

Spring Semester 2020


Xavier has partnered with Dewar, LLC in offering students and families tuition and mandatory fee insurance. This should not be confused with the mandatory health insurance charge that appears on the student's bursar account each fall or spring semester. The Tuition Refund Program (TRP) insurance will cover up to 85% of the tuition and mandatory fees for any student who might suffer a serious illness or accident and has the need to take a medical leave before the semester is completed. Room and Board are not covered. Xavier is offering this product through Dewar, LLC to minimize the risk of financial loss in the case of withdrawal for medical or mental health reasons. If students who were here in the Fall 2019 semester waived the Tuition Insurance, they will not be charged in the Spring 2020 semester. However, if they want the insurance, they will need to contact the Bursar's Office to have it added prior to the end of business on Friday, January 17, 2020. If students who were here in the Fall 2019 semester didn't waive the Tuition Insurance, they will be charged again in the Spring 2020 semester for the premium. It's a cost of $131/semester for Undergraduate students and $31/semester for Graduate students. If a student waived the Tuition Insurance in the Fall 2019 semester but wants the insurance coverage for Spring 2020, the student can contact the Office of the Bursar at, by calling 1-513-745-3435, or stopping in the Office located in the Musketeer Mezzanine. If a student was charged for the Spring 2020 semester but does NOT want the insurance, the student can waive the insurance online at The deadline to waive for Spring 2020 is Sunday, January 19, 2020 at 11:59PM ET. 

Contact the Bursar's Office at 513-745-3435, or stop in the office in the Musketeer Mezzanine M-F 8:30AM - 5:00PM if you have any questions. 

Important Dates and Information

Spring semester charges were assessed to your bursar account on November 19, 2019. Go to the Student Hub at, click on the Pay Bill icon, login, click on the link called "Click here to view account activity since last eBill" to view your charges before the eBill is printed on December 13, 2019.

If you intend on enrolling in the X-Flex Payment Plan, the best time to do it is between November 19, 2019 and December 12, 2019. This is after the Spring semester charges have been assessed to your bursar account but before the first eBill for Spring semester is published on December 13, 2019. There is a $50 enrollment fee for each semester in which you enroll in the X-Flex Payment Plan. The X-Flex Plan divides your balance into 4 monthly installments for the Spring semester. It will divide your balance into 3 payments for the Summer semester. The Spring semester payments are due January 1st through April 1st. The Summer semester payments are due May 1st through July 1st. Payments and balances can always be made earlier without penalty. All balances should be zero on April 1st for the Spring semester.

If you intend to pay your balance in full and not enroll in the X-Flex Payment Plan, then balances are due, in full, on the 1st of each month after an eBill has been published. Be sure to check your eBill each month for a balance due since the balance can change month-to-month as a result of miscellaneous charges i.e. parking fines, library fines, health center charges, etc. the student may have incurred during the month. By paying in full, this means paying each month in full if a balance exists. That's why it's important to view each eBill each month.

The Bursar's Office processes refunds each week for accounts that have a credit balance from the week before. If you haven't enrolled with BankMobile to select your preference for the method of your refund, please do so now at You can learn more about the process by visiting How refunds work.

Late Fees will be assessed each month if a payment is late. Late Fees can be assessed as early as the 11th of the month if the 15th of the month (which is when we publish eBills) falls on a holiday or weekend. Late fees are assessed one business day prior to the publishing of the next eBill.

Mandatory health insurance is charged to every full-time undergraduate student. This year, the premium for the Spring semester only is $1,926.00. If you don't need the insurance, go to to waive the charge. The deadline to waive this charge is January 31, 2020.

For answers to your questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website by clicking on the link below. The Bursar's Office can be reached by calling 513-745-3435 Monday through Friday from 8:30AM - 5:00PM or emailing 

Expedited Refunds

A $75 fee will be charged to a student's bursar account when the student requests the refund of an overpayment on their bursar account outside of our normal weekly refund process. The Bursar's Office processes refunds every Wednesday through BankMobile. However, the analysis that leads up to issuing a refund begins on Tuesday of each week. As mentioned above, if a refund isn't included in the normal process because there was no overpayment at the time of the analysis and the student wants their refund anyway, the Bursar's Office will initiate an expedited refund and the student's bursar account will be charged $75.

All students who receive a refund from their bursar account due to an overpayment will be subject to the following conditions:

1. If a refund is returned from BankMobile to the University two (2) times because the paper check from BankMobile has gone stale (BankMobile checks are stale 90 days after they are issued) or the bank account that was to receive the electronic transfer has been closed, a Credit Balance hold will be placed on the student’s bursar account. A subsequent refund will not be issued unless the student visits, selects a new BankMobile refund preference, and contacts the Office of the Bursar to reissue the refund (if there is still a credit balance/ overpayment on the account). The Credit Balance hold does not block class registration, diplomas, or transcripts but it does stop the overpayment from another attempt at being refunded.  

2. Each time a refund is returned to the University, a Refund Reversal Processing Fee will be assessed to the student’s account. This fee will be $20.00 or the full amount of the returned refund, whichever is less.

If you haven’t already done so, please be sure that you have gone to the BankMobile website at and entered your refund banking preferences.

Refund Options

When a student has an overpayment (credit balance) on their bursar account, they have 2 options with BankMobile on how they want to receive their refund. They can 1) have the funds electronically deposited into an existing checking or savings account, or they can 2) open a BankMobile Vibe checking account with BankMobile. 

Xavier Pay

Xavier University has partnered with CASHNet in providing our customers with eBills, Payment Plans, and secure Online Payments.

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