Centers extend the opportunities for students and faculty beyond our majors and departments.

These opportunities are often community and/or research-based, so as to not only strengthen the skills of our students, but at the same time, offer value to our community.

Cintas Institute for Business Ethics at Xavier

The Cintas Institute focuses on helping students and other Xavier stakeholders recognize and deal with ethical and values-related issues in the workplace. To that end, the center designs corporate workshops, stages continuing education sessions, sponsors guest lectures and conducts an annual ethics institute that features leading corporate executives, ethics officers, and legislative and judicial officials. The center also:

  • Serves as a resource for the local, regional and national business communities.
  • Enables students to choose to do the hard right, as opposed to the easy wrong.
  • Helps faculty increase their exposure and confidence in the areas of business ethics and social responsibility.

Center for Customer Analytics

We develop thought leaders in the world of customer analytics leveraging data science driven by our curiosity.  We aim to partner with others in the creation of fact-based and ethical solutions based on prescriptive analytics.  We collaborate with organizations to courageously communicate and execute solution recommendations.

Sedler Family Center for Experiential Learning in Business

The Sedler Center develops students into entrepreneurial leaders who seek opportunities, act resourcefully, think creatively and lead ethically to make a difference in their organizations in the world. Its accomplishments include:

  • A ranking of No. 24 among the most entrepreneurial campuses in America by The Princeton Review.
  • An internationally recognized faculty with established reputations for research and teaching.
  • An entrepreneurship major for business students and a minor for business and non-business students.
  • A student learning lab at the Hamilton County Business Center, which provides startup space and contact with entrepreneurs.
  • Six student-managed-and-operated businesses on campus.

Fifth Third Trading Center

The Fifth Third Trading Center is a student-managed facility committed to the study and application of finance. The Center:

  • Offers hands-on, practical training and classroom integration of state-of-the-art technology including the nation's largest educational access point to Bloomberg LP financial software - the standard on Wall Street and throughout the global financial industry.
  • Conducts and facilitates research in finance and financial economics for in-house purposes as well as for the students and faculty of the Williams College of Business.
  • Promotes financial education through student and faculty workshops, community outreach programs, executive education, economic and investment forums, and a professional speaker series.
  • Provides facilities and oversight for the student-managed equity and fixed-income funds, as well as the student managed financial economics magazine - the Bellwether.

Center for International Business

The Center for International Business builds international relationships with multi-national corporations and educational institutions that will allow for unique opportunities for WCB students and faculty. Specifically, the center provides expertise and resources to facilitate the offering of innovative and specialized international study programs and internship opportunities that would enhance our students' academic and professional development. The programs are designed to equip the students with a global mindset, sensitivity, and real-world problem-solving capabilities that would help them become valuable assets to the organizations that they would serve upon graduation.

Center for Pricing Excellence

Pricing is the most fundamental go-to-market commercial capability. It can--and should--become the linchpin of any firm's successful strategy to generate profitable growth. If it is properly enabled and executed, firms will not only convince customers to pay a little more, buy a little more, or even better both, but more importantly maximize profits. The Xavier Center for Pricing Excellence was founded to train tomorrow's pricing leaders, develop and employ advanced pricing analysis models, and advise companies through complex market dilemmas.

Stephen S. Smith Center

The mission of the Stephen S. Smith Center in the Williams College of Business at Xavier University is to promote learning, scholarship, and debate about fundamental questions and ideas that impact society.  The Center uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine such questions, emphasizing the study of economics and its relationship to law, political philosophy, and history.

Xavier Leadership Center (XLC)

The Xavier Leadership Center provides today's working professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

  • We offer a wide range of programs, in areas such as leading and managing others, enhancing personal effectiveness and developing broader/deeper business knowledge.
  • Our hands on approach to learning and leading helps develop managers who can inspire, engage and empower others to make a difference in their organizations.
  • XLC offers open enrollment programs through its New Corporate University, as well as custom-tailored learning and leading solutions for many of the area's leading companies.
  • Contact Carol Turchick ( 513.745.2936) to learn more.