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Housing Selection

For more general housing-related questions please read our FAQ page


Upper-Class Student Housing Process

The upper-class housing selection process for the 2021-2022 academic year is now live.


Process Dates

Dates for Upperclass Housing Selection.



Application Available

Monday, September 14th

Accommodation Paperwork Due

Thursday, October 1st

Application Deadline

Monday, October 12th

Optional Roommate Group Deadline

Monday, October 12th

Open Selection Times Announced

Tuesday, October 13th

Open Selection Day 1

Thursday, October 15th

Open Selection Day 2

Friday, October 16th


Application Steps

Students may begin submitting the application on Monday, September 14th on Housing Self-Service under Applications. Applications due by Monday, October 12th.

NOTE: Submitting an application does not lock you into the agreement. Rising Juniors and Seniors are not officially committed to living on campus until they select a space or have been assigned.


Housing Accommodations

Students who may have a need for a housing accommodation should submit an update accommodation form, available here, with the Office of Disability Services by Thursday, October 1st. Questions regarding the accommodations process may be sent to


Housing Options

  1. Dana Houses

Groups of 4 interested in living in one of the three houses on Dana may express this interest on the application. Students must be a full group of four and all must have submitted a housing application by the deadline to be considered. In the event there are more groups interested than houses available, groups will be randomly drawn for these spaces.


  1. Squatting in Room

Students may indicate their desire to stay in the same room for next year (i.e., squatting) on the application. Options will include staying in the same room, same building but different room, and stay in same room but pull in others as roommates.


Priority will be given to full or partial groups remaining in the same location. For roommate groups, each student must have submitted an application by the deadline and form a roommate group in Housing Self-Service.


  1. Open Selection

Students will be assigned a selection time and similar to prior selection processes will select from the remaining space available at their time.


Housing Costs

Room rates for the 2021-2022 will be finalized and approved by the Board of Trustees later this semester. Current room rate information can be found here. Typically, rates may increase between 2-2%-5%.



Rising Sophomore Student Housing Process

The rising sophomore housing selection process for 2021-2022 will occur early in the spring semester.  As a reminder, all first-year students currently living on campus signed a two year housing agreement and are expected to live on campus again during the 2021-2022 academic year.  


Incoming First-Year Student Housing Process

The incoming first-year student housing process for 2021-2022 will take place in spring 2021 with the application becoming available in late March.


Incoming Transfer Student Housing Process

The incoming transfer student housing process for 2021-2022 will take place in late spring 2021.


Housing Accommodations Process

The deadline to apply for a housing accommodation with Disability Services has passed.  Students requesting accommodations for their housing assignment should refer to the Office of Disability Services site for information and a timeline regarding the accommodations process. Students who receive a housing accommodation will have their assignment made by our office based on the recommendation provided by Disability Services. Students working to receive accommodations DO still need to submit the housing application on Housing Self Service.


First-Year Housing Selection Frequently Asked Questions

Xavier’s Residency Requirement

Do I have to live on campus?

Xavier has a two year live-on requirement for students whether they are coming in as a first-year student or transfer student. All unmarried incoming students, age 17-21, not residing with their legal guardian, or whose home address is located beyond a 35-mile radius from Xavier are required to live on-campus for their first two years at the University.



Selecting a Room

If I apply later than other students will that impact my selection time?

No, selection times are generated randomly for students. Factors such as time of deposit or time of application submission do not impact a student’s generated selection time.

How much does each hall costs per semester?

Room rates for 2020-2021 can be found on the Office of the Bursar page.

Do I have a specific selection time?

Yes, all students will receive a specific selection time. You and your roommate will have the same selection time, which will be communicated to your Xavier email on Tuesday, June 16.

How do I pick my room?

During your selection time, or any time after it opens during the hours of selection, one individual from each roommate pair will log into Housing Self Service to select the pair’s room. More information about selecting your room.

I selected my room for next year. Can I make changes?

Once a students has made their room selection, changes are not permitted until, at earliest, the third week of the fall semester.

How can I get a triple or quad room?

As a reminder, roommate pairing group size is limited to two people. As a part of Xavier's efforts to implement social distancing best practices, we will not be offering triple or quad rooms for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Are Buenger rooms single or double occupancy? If it’s a three or four person suite, how many total people are in there?

Most rooms in Buenger Hall are designed as double occupancy rooms. Each room in the suite is a double occupancy room in the double and triple suites. Therefore 4 people would occupy a 2-bedroom suite and 6 people would occupy a 3-bedroom suite.


Housing Accommodations Process

How can I apply for a medical housing accommodation?

Students may apply for housing accommodations through the Office of Disability Services using the process outlined by their office. Students seeking housing accommodations must also complete the housing application, as we need a signed application from every student living on campus.

If I receive a medical accommodation, can I still form a roommate pair?

Yes, students with approved accommodations are still able to form a roommate pair.

If I receive a medical accommodation, will I select my own room?

No, students with approved accommodations forgo their priority in the housing selection process. Our office will make assignments for students with approved accommodations prior to other students selecting their space.

Do I have to renew my accommodations each year?

Yes, students will renew their accommodations on a yearly basis with the Office of Disability Services.

If I am approved for an emotional support animal, will I have a single bedroom?

A student who is granted approval to have an emotional support animal is not guaranteed a single room or a specific building due to the presence of the emotional support animal.

I am a student who lives with allergies, will these be considered for an accommodation?

Since all of our on campus housing facilities are air conditioned with air filtration, students with allergies will not automatically be considered for a housing accommodation.

I am a student who lives with diabetes, will this diagnosis be considered for an accommodation?

Since all of our on campus housing options are close to the dining hall located in Fenwick Hall or have their own kitchens, a diagnosis of diabetes is not a guarantee of a housing accommodation.


Student Athletes

I am an incoming student athlete, is there anything I need to do?

Yes, incoming student athletes will follow the same housing steps (submitting the application, forming a roommate pair, and selecting a room) as outlined above. Coaches are unable to complete these steps for their incoming student athletes.

My coach shared with me who my roommate would be, do I still need to go on to My College Roomie?

Many coaches will inform incoming student athletes of who their roommate will be, as the coach pairs individuals who may best be suited for each other based on team dynamics. Once your coach shares who your roommate will be, you will need to log in to My College Roomie, make your profile and send a roommate request to this individual so you are matched.


Honors Community

I am an honors student. Do I receive priority in the housing selection process or have to notify your office?

Priority is given to students in the Honors Program to support the University’s goal in providing an Honors Community in Buenger Hall. Students in the Honors Program will select on the first day of housing selection in order to form the community. Students in the program do not need to individually inform our office as we will receive this information from the Honors Program. We encourage Honor students to confirm their honors priority once they receive their selection time. If their selection time is not on the first day of selection (June 19) they have not been designated as honors and should contact us prior to June 17.

If I do not want to live in Buenger Hall. Can I use my priority to select a different community?

No, students may not use their priority selection time to select a space outside of Buenger Hall, since the priority was provided for the sole purpose of creating an Honors Community where students live and take classes together.

What if I do not select during my priority time?

Honors students who elect not to use their priority selection time will receive an updated selection time for use during the latter selection days.

Do I receive priority as well during my second year living on campus?

Students in the Honors Program only receive a priority selection time as a first-year student, as the community is only for first-year students. Priority selection is not provided for honors students' second year living on campus.

For more general housing related questions please read our FAQ page.