Office of Residence Life

Housing Selection

Upperclass Students

The general selection process for upperclass students takes place in the early Fall for the next academic year. If you are going to be a Junior, Senior, or Graduate student and you want to secure housing for the upcoming fall you can complete the Fall 2020 Upperclass Housing Application NOW on Housing Self Service! We anticipate being able to house every upperclass student who wants to live on campus next year! While housing for upperclass students is not guaranteed for rising juniors and seniors we should be able to meet the demand.

E-mail with any questions.

Rising Sophomore Student Housing Process

The Rising Sophomore Housing Selection process is now open!  This is for the current year first year students to select their housing for their sophomore year. As a reminder, Xavier University is a two year residency required institution and a student cannot move off campus in their second year unless they receive an exemption from their residency requirement.  The timeline for Rising Sophomore Housing Selection can be found here and all steps take place on Housing Self Service.

Incoming First Year Student Housing Process

The First Year Student Housing Process takes place in the summer. Our entire process is online through our Housing Self Service portal. The application is live on Housing Self Service starting in mid May. Roommate Pairing occurs in June and the group size is limited to two people. Housing Selection will occur in July. Students will be sent their access times to their Xavier Emails prior to selection.

Our Housing Self Service web page includes step by step instructions as well as example videos on using the portal. For more general housing related questions please read our FAQ page. If you still have questions please contact our office at 513-745-3203 and our knowledgeable staff will assist.

Keep an eye on Road to Xavier for the most up to date messaging on the Housing Selection process!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my chances of getting Fenwick?

In 2018, our office needed to house approximately 1050 rising sophomore students and Fenwick has a bed capacity of 533 students (some spaces are taken during the Upperclass housing process). Our suggestion, Please have a backup plan and a backup plan to that plan!!! Have conversations in advance if you have to break up your roommate group: who stays together and who will need to have alternative plans.

Why does my application confirmation email have the message "This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be."?

This is an email server message stating that it thinks this is from an untrustworthy source. The confirmation emails are automatically generated by our system which are then flagged by some email software. These confirmation messages (and only confirmation messages) are legitimate and informing you that the application has been completed.

I'm an RA Candidate. Do I participate in housing or do I select later?

All candidates are asked to participate in the process with the assumption you will not get the position. If you are offered the RA role we will work with your roommate group to find a suitable replacement for the bed space you vacate. The Office of Residence Life will move you to an RA room if you are selected.

How does the lottery work?

The Housing Selection process uses a true random lottery number. The system generates the selection windows based on these numbers automatically and sends this information to the students directly via their Xavier Email addresses. The best lottery number of a roommate group is used to provide that entire group their selection window (since anyone in the group can select the room when the group's selection window goes live).

We have a group of 5, can we expand the occupancy of a Village single bedroom apartment?

This is on an as needed basis and needs approval.  Please contact if interested. It's possible, if approved to expand the occupancy of Commons apartments up to 6 and Village single bedroom apartments up to 6 (3 people sharing a bathroom). 4 people in the roommate group need to go through the selection process as normal. After a room is selected the group will need to email the list of additional students to be added to the room and where those students need to be assigned. All roommates will need to confirm this placement.