Office of Residence Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Housing

Do I need to live on campus?

Xavier University has a two year live-on requirement for students, whether they are entering as a first-year student or transfer student. All unmarried incoming students, age 17-21, not residing with their legal guardian, or whose home address is located beyond a 35-mile radius of Xavier University, are required to live on campus for their first two years at the University.

How do I apply?

The housing selection process occurs completely online. For first-year students, the dates are posted on Road to Xavier. For upper-class students the Office of Residence Life will send details directly to students' Xavier email addresses. For more information, please visit our Housing Selection page.

How do I apply for a housing accommodation?

The housing accommodations process is handled entirely by the Office of Disability Services. For more information about their process, including the accommodation form, please click here. For more information about how the accommodation process works with the housing selection process, please click here.

Planning for Life on Campus

What should I pack to bring to campus?

We have compiled a checklist of common items students bring to campus here.

How big are the rooms?

To learn room dimensions, please refer to the residence hall and apartment information pages found here.

Do I need to purchase renter’s insurance?

It is strongly recommended that each student obtain insurance coverage for all items of personal property kept in campus housing. As mentioned in the housing contract, the University does not assume responsibility for theft, loss or damage to resident's personal property, and the student hereby releases the University from any liability.

Can you tell me more about the linen program?

All of the beds at Xavier University are either Twin or Twin XL. As we replace the beds in our inventory, we are standardizing them to Twin XL. We recommend bringing Twin XL so that you can be sure they will fit. If you are in need of linens please check out Our Campus Market's linens page. If you place a timely order, they will be waiting for you when you arrive on campus at the mail center. 

Are the rooms carpeted or can we bring a carpet?

Brockman, Buenger, Husman, and Kuhlman Halls do not have carpeted bedrooms. If you would like to bring a carpet for your room, please refer to the suggested carpet size on the residence hall and apartment information pages found here.  There are many nearby stores that you can purchase your carpet from and pickup from their store location when you arrive in town.

Can I loft my bed?

Beds cannot be lofted. Most of our bed frames have adjustable height. If the bed is at the uppermost height, it leaves about 22 inches underneath for storage. They can be placed on risers for some added storage space underneath.  You would simply need to purchase them on your own and bring them to campus.

Can I bunk my bed?

While beds cannot be lofted, they can be bunked. 

May we bring a mini fridge?

Mini fridges are allowed on campus. These refrigerators must not exceed 4.3 cubic feet and must use less than four amps of power. Each bedroom may have its own mini fridge (not one per occupant). Buenger Hall does have a mini fridge in each common area, therefore an additional mini fridge for a bedroom may not be necessary. 

What types of TVs and devices are supported with your digital cable?

The following devices and OS version numbers are currently supported:

  • Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.2 or above
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 8 or above
  • Kindle Fire except for the 1st generation model
  • Mac: Safari 7 or higher, Firefox 45 or higher or Chrome 43 or higher
  • PC: IE 11, Chrome 43 or higher, Firefox 45 or higher or MS Edge 12 or higher

Note: Roku no longer supports the SpectrumU app.  If you previously downloaded it, your service should be affected but will not be available to new users. Be sure not to uninstall the app in order to continue use.  

Visit the Help Desk's Knowledge Base for additional info.

Arriving to Campus

When is move in?

Move-in for new students occurs in alignment with Manresa, our new student orientation program. Once the specific dates is known it will be added to our Important Dates page.

Move-in for returning students typically occurs on the Saturday before classes begin. This past year due to COVID 19, the process included expanded days. It is to be determined if this will be adopted again this upcoming Fall.

First-Year students living in the residence halls should follow the driving directions here.

First-Year students living in the Commons or Village Apartments should follow the driving directions here.

What is Manresa?

Manresa is our First-Year Student Orientation program and is a requirement of every incoming Xavier student. For more information on this program, including information on program dates, please visit their page here or contact the Office of Student Involvement.

What is my RCR?

Your Room Condition Report (RCR) indicates the condition of your room upon your move in.  Students are asked to log in to Housing Self-Service to sign off on their RCR.  The condition of you room at the time you depart is cross-checked with your RCR and any change in condition resulting from damage may be the financial responsibility of the student.  Instruction for completion can be found here.


What is the mailing address for a Residential Student? 

Mailing Services is managed by the ConneX office.  More info, including a student's mailing address, can be found here:

Mailing Services is unable to accept grocery deliveries directly for students.  Please coordinate delivery directly with your student.

How do I select my meal plan?

The ConneX Office manages all aspects of the meal plan program. Students can sign up for meal plans using the Housing Self Service portal during the summer. If you have questions please check out the Dining Services FAQ page.

How do I get a parking permit?

Parking Services are handled by the ConneX Office, and information can be found here.

If your question isn't answered here please contact our office at 513-745-3203 or send us an email at