Resources for The Daily Examen

The Daily Examen is a method of prayer that Ignatius of Loyola taught in his Spiritual Exercises. He considered it the most important thing a person could do each day. It takes only a few minutes. A contemporary adaptation of Ignatius' teaching broadens the traditional "Examination of Conscience" (preparation for confession) into the "Examination of Consciousness." As presented by Creighton U. theologian Dennis Hamm, SJ, this prayer has five steps: (1) Pray for light to understand and appreciate the past day. (2) Review the day in thanksgiving. (3) Review the feelings in the replay of the day. (4) Choose one of those feelings (positive or negative) and pray from it. (5) Look toward tomorrow.

Versions of the Daily Examen

Adapted Examens for:

  1. The Examen: A Daily Prayer
  2. God's Love - Jeff Edwards 
  3. God's Presence - Debra Mooney 
  4. In the Moment -  Cindy Dulaney 
  5. Love in my Life - Joseph Feldhaus 
  6. Matthew 25: An Ignatian Examen - Michael Graham, S.J. 
  7. My Blessings - Jeff Coleman 
  8. My Thoughts - Melissa Baumann 
  9. The People I have Met - Gary Massa


  1. A Faith that Does Justice - Aaron Meis 
  2. Happiness - Lisa Jutte 
  3. Leaders - John Kucia 
  4. Managers - Paul Brian Campbell S.J.
  5. Parents - Greg Carpinello 
  6. Teaching and Learning - Niamh J. O'Leary 
  7. The End of a Day of Work - Steve Storck 
  8. Work (Account-based Marketing Specialist) - Layla Helton 
  9. End of Work - Greg Christopher 


  1. For the Week - Wendy Maxian 
  2. For the Year - Debra Mooney 
  3. Ecology - Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.
  4. Diversity - Debra Mooney and Cheryl Nunez 


Video Guided Meditations

Featured Resources

                An Ignatian Journal

This handsome, spiral-bound "undated" planner is perfect for faculty, staff, and students alike. Its pages include quotes, illustrations,
and reflections. Use it for your daily schedule or journaling.

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                      The Examen

The Examen, a prayer of awareness that Ignatius of Loyola taught in his Spiritual Exercises, helps one notice God's presence in our daily lives. This modern adaptation invites reflection upon five points for spiritual thanksgiving, grace, and introspection.

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          The Examen for Diversity

This adaptation of the Daily Examen helps one reflect on their experience with diversity with five points for spiritual thanksgiving, grace, and introspection.


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