An Ignatian Inauguration Examen

Inviting personal reflection on your place in Xavier’s 190 year history

St. Ignatius Loyola's Examen is a peaceful reflective prayer bringing forth awareness to the movement of God in all the people and events of our day. With the modern call to read the signs-of-the-times, thematic Examens have been prayed. The Inauguration of Xavier University’s 35th President, Dr. Colleen Hanycz, in this Ignatian Year, is a fitting time for such a customized prayer.

As I review my relationship with Xavier University, what am I especially grateful for?

As I review my relationship with Xavier University, I ask for the light to know God and my place in the mission, identity, culture and community of the University.

As I review my history with Xavier, what stirs in me?
      The people I have encountered...
      The love and support I have received...
      The learning I obtained...
      The Jesuit tradition…
      A challenge overcome…
      An event that took place...
      The joy that I have experienced…

In light of my review, have I noticed God's presence in any of this?
What is my response to the God of my life?

A Look Ahead
As I look ahead to my relationship with Xavier University, what comes to mind?
     What do I anticipate?
     What are my hopes?
     How am I inspired?
     With what spirit do I want to enter tomorrow? 
     With what spirit do I want to enter the future?


~created as a gift for Dr. Colleen Hanycz by Dr. Debra Mooney with inspiration from the late Fr. George Traub S.J. for the occasion of her Missioning Mass on October, 27, 2021.