Examens For

  • A Faith that Does Justice

By Aaron Meis

What am I grateful for today - what people or experiences made me feel God's presence?

How can what I experienced today help me to find more balance between work and the other people in and important parts of my life?

How can what I experienced today help me to understand what I've learned over the past year and help to more regularly reflect on my experiences and what I have learned from them?

How can what I experienced today help me to make faith that does justice more real at work?

  • Happiness

By Lisa Jutte

In what ways did I make the most of my day?

What things have I learned this day?

What little things did I notice today? How is that important?

"The greater part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not our circumstances."
-Martha Washington

Did I give in to circumstance? If so, how can I work to change my perspective?

  • Leaders

By John Kucia

Becoming a Leader in Balance Pyramid chart

As an emerging Leader in Balance - built from the inside - out...
Charged with delivering on our Mission and Brand Promise...
I seek to embrace the concepts of Leadership in Balance.

In the spirit of patience, persistence and perseverance...to deepen my self- awareness...knowing I learn by reflecting on my experiences, I create time to ask a few simple questions,

Overall, how did things go today?
What did I accomplish?
What were my greatest challenges?
What went well? Why?
What did not go so well?
What could I have done differently for a better outcome?
In light of this reflection - What will I do tomorrow to become a better leader in balance?

by Samantha Devereaux

I begin by clearing my mind of all that’s left to do and yet to come.

I am only considering this day.


What did I appreciate about myself as an individual?

What did I appreciate about the people in my life?

How did I value interdependence?

In what ways have I experienced wonder, awe, or curiosity? What unanswered questions do I have?

What have I changed my mind about? What am I grateful to have learned?

What was I adamant about? When was I defensive?

How might I be closing myself off to people or ideas?

What can I do tomorrow to expand my thinking?

How can I more positively affect the people in my life and the world in which I live?

  • Parents

    By Greg Carpinello


How am I grateful for my kids today? How have they loved and supported me?


Before I review my day, I ask for clarity and honesty as I search for God and as I look at myself and my kids.


From my interactions with my kids today....
What did my kids do or say that made me smile, laugh, or pause in joy?
What did they do or say that challenged or frustrated me?
How did I respond to my kids with love and patience?
How did I respond to my kids out of frustration and impatience?
When did I feel closer to them? More distant from them?
How might my kids have tried to communicate deeper needs to me underneath the surface of their actions and words?
Have I noticed God's presence in the midst of any of this?
What might God be inviting me to consider when I reflect on these experiences in my family?


What is my response to God who is present in the life of my family?


As I consider my family's day tomorrow....
How can I be an instrument of God's love in my family tomorrow?
How can I honor the gifts of my children more fully tomorrow?

Adapted from the Daily Examen for Cultural Diversity by Debra Mooney and Cheryl Nunez.

  • Teaching and Learning

By Niamh J. O'Leary


Begin by calming my mind and focusing on the room around me. Consider what I have learned in that day, what wonder I have experienced.


How have I encountered great teachers and opportunities to learn today?
How have I taken the chance to be a good teacher today?


How has teaching made me feel today?
How has learning made me feel today?


What can I learn from my experiences as a student today?


How can I fold that into being a teacher tomorrow?

  • The End of a Day of Work

By Steve Storck


Recall your day of work; the things that you accomplished and those that are a work-in-progress. Thank God for enabling you to accomplish the things you did, making a point to recall three things which gave you joy during the day. Be thankful for God's presence in your life as well as those around you.


Think about the presence of God in your day and the grace that he bestowed upon you. Resolve to make time in the days ahead for brief respites with God to seek his comfort and guidance. Ask for God's help to make you the best person that you can be.


recall the interactions you had during the day, the challenges and the things that made you anxious or frustrated. Reflect upon what you could improve upon.


Reflect upon how you may acknowledge the presence of God in your life and pay forward for the blessings that he has bestowed upon you.

A Look Ahead

Think about what lies ahead for you and your colleagues in the days ahead and reflect upon how you may effectively complete your work and assist other to accomplish theirs. Seek spiritual direction and understanding of the issues facing you and resolve to do what is right and in the best interest of those you serve.

  • Work

    By Layla Helton '16 Xavier University


I am grateful to have a job that I enjoy. Every day I am given the opportunity to collaborate and support a wonderful group of people.


Before I review my day, I ask for honesty in my response that I did all possible to make this a productive work day.


Did I wake up with an enthusiastic and positive outlook on my life?
Did I take the opportunity to learn something new about my field of work?
Did I actively work to complete projects?
Did I take the time to review not only my work, but also my teammates' work?
Was I openly collaborative with teammates?
Did I take critique with grace and open my mind to all suggestions?
Did I assume that all whom I encountered were well intentioned?
How did I respond to challenges and frustration?
Did I take the opportunity to share my ideas and opinions?
Did I take a moment to break and breathe?
Did I do all that was possible to be helpful and productive in the workplace?


Do the responses highlight my strengths and weaknesses?
Do any responses lead to the thought of change in how I work?

Looking Ahead:

What changes will I make to ensure effectiveness and happiness in the work place?

The Examen for Account-based Marketing Specialist is an adapted version of the Jesuit Daily Examen for Parents developed as part of aCommunication Arts course of Dr. Gwyn Mellinger in Xavier's Ignatian Mentoring Program.

"Overall, an account-based marketing specialist will take the time to value collaboration, transparency, and strong relationships. He/she will be loyal to the company and its targeted accounts, and abide by Aristotle's golden mean ethical principle....The Examen focuses on happiness and productivity because happiness leads to productivity and positive thinking leads to happiness. This Examen gives one the opportunity to decide whether or not the daily routine is working for him/her. It also gives the opportunity for him/her to figure out how to change the routine to create a better overall work life experience."

  • End of Work

    By Greg Christopher

Recall that you are in the presence of God.

You have spent the day at Xavier, serving the university and its students. All day you have been in the presence of God. Yet, you may not have been aware of God's presence during your day. Take time now to be aware of God's presence.

Look at your day with gratitude.

Spend time reviewing the joys and blessings of this day. Let your mind remember and rest on those things for which you are grateful for...a meal that you ate and/or shared with another... a conversation with a student, alum, coach or staff member... what are you grateful to God for in this day?

Ask help from the Holy Spirit.

Now it is time to turn to your family. Ask the Holy Spirit to come and be with you. Ask the Spirit to open your heart and soul so that you might look honestly at all the movements and events of this day.

Review your day.

Begin to review your day, seeing it like a movie in your mind's eye. Pay attention to the feelings and emotions that come up within you as you reflect back on the day and its happenings. As you reflect, take notes in your journal. How have you spent your day? As you review your day, what feelings come up? Which memories of the day trigger the strongest emotions?

Reconcile and Resolve.

Reflect on today. You are aware of your intentions and actions. Feel the emotions of the day again. Talk with Jesus. Share your struggles.
Now turn the page...

    • Focus for tomorrow.
    • Share with others.
    • Be all there for your family

  • Times of Anxiety and Depression

    By Erin Roush

I pause (breathe in and out) and thank you for this day. For the challenges, the emotions, the struggle. For in all this, I grow closer to you.

I pause (breathe in and out) and ask that in the darkness, I see your light and in my fear, I feel your strength.

I pause (breathe in and out) and remember that today, As in days before, I have survived. When I’ve wanted to run, I’ve stayed. When I wanted to hide, I’ve faced the day.

I pause (breathe in and out) and ask for forgiveness for The days I falter and the disease takes over. I ask for compassion and love when I’m unable to give those to myself.

I pause (breathe in and out) and resolve to love myself more tomorrow. And always feel your spirit surround me in safety.

I pause (breathe in and out) and rest.

  • Institutional Connection and History

By Dr. Debra Mooney, adapted from her Ignatian Inauguration Examen

St. Ignatius Loyola's Examen is a peaceful reflective prayer bringing forth awareness to the movement of God in all the people and events of our day. With the modern call to read the signs-of-the-times, thematic Examens have been prayed. This Examen offers a customized prayer to guide reflection on your place and connection with your organization’s history (university, high school, province, network, etc.).


As I review my relationship with ____, what am I especially grateful for?Petition

As I review my relationship with ____, I ask for the light to know God and my place in the mission, identity, culture and community of the ____.


As I review my history with ____, what stirs in me?      The people I have encountered...      The love and support I have received...      The learning I obtained...      The Jesuit tradition…      A challenge overcome…      An event that took place...      The joy that I have experienced…    


In light of my review, have I noticed God's presence in any of this?What is my response to the God of my life?

A Look Ahead

As I look ahead to my relationship with ____, what comes to mind?     What do I anticipate?     What are my hopes?     How am I inspired?     With what spirit do I want to enter tomorrow?      With what spirit do I want to enter the future?



  • Illness and Pain

    By Dr. Miti von Weissenberg


  • I become consciously aware of my body as a part of me and as part of Creation, separate and intrinsically one.
  • How does my body feel at this moment?


  • In what ways has my body shown up for me today, making my daily tasks possible?
  • In what ways has my body sought to communicate with me today?
  • What have I done for my body today?


  • What emotions did I bring to my body, my relationship to it, and my care for it?
  • What about my body and my relationship to it am I grateful for today?
  • Whom am I particularly grateful for today as they have helped me today or in the past with my body?


  • What will I do tomorrow to support my body both as is and in its tasks and roles?

Illness and pain.jpg