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Leadership is the ability of an individual to guide other individuals, teams, or entire organizations. The Ignatian tradition offers a way for leaders to effectively guide mission-conscious group decision-making. Dr. Debra Mooney outlines an 8-step approach to Ignatian communal discernment:

  1. Outline the pro's and con's of the decision with respect to our mission, vision and values.
  2. Approach deliberations with an impartial mindset (Ignatian indifference).
  3. Share my opinions
  4. Encourage and support the contributions of others.
  5. Give close attention to the viewpoints of others' -more so if disagreements arise.
  6. Be mindful of feelings of unease or agitation (Ignatian desolation).
  7. Notice God's presence and will.
  8. Deliberate until we have a shared sense of contentment with a decision (Ignatian consolation).
Read her communal discernment prayer To Start a Meeting
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Leadership Mastery and Moxie in 31 Days: A Guide and Journal for Career Women

Written by Debra Mooney, Ph.D., this modern guide and journal offers ways for women to reflect deeply on their experience of leading and being a woman leader. With short reflections and journaling space this spiral-bound book is the perfect resource for both established and aspiring women leaders.

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Leading with Moxie

This guide and journal, authored by Debra Mooney PhD, offers ways for men and women to deeply reflect on their leadership over the course of a month. Each of the 31 sections includes a topical information to get you pumped, a reflection prompt to get you thinking, and an action to get you moving. With space for journaling, this spiral-bound book is the perfect resource for both established and aspiring leaders. 

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Leading with Balance

Each card features a leadership pyramid of John Kucia’s® “eight ways of thinking” on one side and an Ignatian daily  leadership examae on the other side. 

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