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We are pleased to make the following Ignatian resources available.

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Orientation Packs

Save money by ordering orientation packs for every audience.

Each orientation pack provides some of our most popular resources on Jesuit education and Ignatian spirituality in an individually packaged, clear re-sealable bag.

Orientation pack including Do You Speak Ignatian, Understanding Ignatian and Jesuit Spirituality, the Daily Examen, and St. Ignatius Loyola.

Basic Orientation Pack $5.50
(a $6.25 value, save 75¢ per pack)

Student Leader / Student Athlete / Graduate Student Orientation Pack $8.75 (a $9.75 value, save $1.0 per pack)

Faculty and Staff Orientation Pack $6.00
(a $6.85 value, save 85¢ per pack)

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Ignatian Prayer Pack

Get over 10% off when you order these items together!

Ignatian Prayer pack including the Daily Examen, Ignatian Spirituality Is..., and An Ignatian Journal.

Each Ignatian Prayer Pack includes 3 of our most popular resources:

"Ignatian Spirituality Is...": A Desktop Primer

An Ignatian Journal

and a pocket-size, laminated Daily Examen Prayer Card

Our Ignatian Prayer Pack is a rich resource for prayer groups, retreats, alternative breaks, and study abroad trips. It is also great for introducing parishioners, faculty, staff, and students to Ignatian spirituality! Each pack comes in a clear re-sealable bag. A $14.00 value now only $12.50 per pack.

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Do You Speak Ignatian?

A Glossary of Terms Used in Ignatian and Jesuit Circles

A mini-dictionary that defines many of the terms used in conversations in Ignatian and Jesuit circles. There are now 80,000 copies of this publication in print around the world. Available for $3.25. View Testimonials.

Habla usted 'el idioma' Ignaciano?

Este mini diccionario ampliado y actualizado define muchos de los términos utilizados en conversaciones en los círculos ignacianos y jesuitas con 10 nuevas entradas y docenas de actualizaciones. Más de 95,000 copias de ¿Habla usted. 'el idioma' Ignaciano? en inglés se han distribuido por todo el mundo. $3.25 por cada uno.

This expanded and updated mini-dictionary defines many of the terms used in conversations in Ignatian and Jesuit circles with 10 new entries and dozens of updates. More than 95,000 copies of Do You Speak Ignatian? have been distributed around the world. $3.25 each.


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Ignatian Communal Discernment: A Desktop Primer

The Universal Apostolic Preferences 2019-2029 invites us to Ignatian communal discernment as a way to God. Bring copies of this easy-to-follow 5.5’x4’ brochure to your next meeting so that everyone can engage the 6-steps to spiritual group decision-making. Also included are 10 tips for leading the process and an opening prayer.  A pack of 10 for $10.00.


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Communal Discernment Prayer Card

A Double-Sided Prayer Card

A double-sided prayer card with the purpose of guiding Ignatian communal discernment. One side features the Prayer to Open a Meeting, the other features an 8-step approach to spiritual group decision-making. 
Purchase 10 laminated Communal Discernment Prayer Cards for $15.00.


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Do You Walk Ignatian?

A Companion to "Do You Speak Ignatian?"


A companion to "Do You Speak Ignatian?," this book includes narratives from faculty and staff regarding their work in relation to key Jesuit values. Available for $4.50. 


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Understanding Ignatian and Jesuit Spirituality

A Brochure

Ever wonder how to describe Ignatian and Jesuit Spirituality? This brochure written by Br. Darrell Burns, S.J. does just that. Providing a contemporary description of the tradition, it is an ideal resource for new students, faculty and staff. Each brochure is 4 1/2"x11". Available for $1.00.

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St. Ignatius Loyola Brochure

A Brochure

This brief biography by George Traub, S.J. and Debra Mooney, Ph.D. provides an easy-to-read description of St. Ignatius' life. It is illustrated with original sketches by artist Holly Schapker. It is beautifully printed on cream colored textured paper and measures 4 1/3"x11". Available for $1.25.

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Life of St. Ignatius Art Cards

A Card Collection

These seven beautiful cards depict scenes from Ignatius Loyola's life as painted by artist Holly Schapker in her collection ADSUM: Contemporary Paintings on Ignatian Spirituality. Each 4"x6" perforated card includes a description of the scene and reflective quotes and scripture. Display as art or use in personal prayer. Available for $3.50.

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St. Francis Xavier, A Tri-Folding Brochure

A Tri-folding Brochure

In a trifolding brochure, discover how the life of St. Francis Xavier, a dearest friend of St Ignatius Loyola and an original founding companion of the Society of Jesus, relates to modern living. Purchase 25 'St: Francis Xavier: A Modern View of His Life and Work' brochures for $15.00.


Jesuit Education and Ignatian Pedagogy Desktop Primer

A Desktop Primer

This colorful, double-sided desktop primer has basic facts about Jesuit Education and Ignatian Pedagogy on one side and the Gifts of Our Ignatian Heritage (mission, reflection, discernment, solidarity and kinship, service rooted in justice and love and justice, cura personalis and magis) defined on the other side. Available in packs of 25 for $15.00. View testimonials

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Teaching to the Mission - 9th Edition

A Compendium of the Ignatian Mentoring Program

In this updated pedagogical resource, faculty describe how they incorporate the Jesuit mission and identity into their specific courses, from chemistry to marketing to theology. Available for $20.00. View testimonials

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A Best Practice Checklist for Jesuit Education and Online Learning 

This brochure is a practical guide for best practices in on-line instruction, today’s fastest growing educational model. Purchase a pack of 10 for $12.50. 




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An Ignatian Journal

This handsome, spiral-bound journal is perfect for faculty, staff, and students alike. Its pages include quotes, illustrations, and reflections. Use it for your daily schedule or journaling. Its 5 1/2"x8" size fits well in both briefcases and backpacks. Available for $10.00

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Leading With Moxie

A 31-Day Guide for Career Satisfaction and Success



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 Leadership Mastery and Moxie in 31 Days

A Guide and Journal for Career Women


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Leadership in Balance



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Post-It Notes

post-it notes

Our post-it notes are emblazoned with the message "Go forth and set the world on fire." They are perfect for spreading St. Ignatius' message to all faculty, staff, and students. Pads measure 3"x4" with 25 post-it notes each. Sold in bundles of 100 pads.




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The Daily Examen Prayer Card

Prayer Card

The Examen, a prayer of awareness that Ignatius of Loyola taught in his Spiritual Exercises, helps one notice God's presence in our daily lives. This modern adaptation invites reflection upon five points for spiritual thanksgiving, grace, and introspection. The 3.5"x2" card fits easily in wallets and purses for your convenience. It is sold in packs of 10 for $7.50.

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The Daily Examen for Diversity Prayer Card

Prayer Card

This adaptation of the Daily Examen helps one reflect on their experience with diversity with five points for spiritual thanksgiving, grace, and introspection. The coated 3.5"x2" card fits easily in wallets and purses for long-lasting convenience. It is sold in packs of 10 for $7.50.

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Lighting the Way (Student Leaders)

Incorporating Jesuit Values as a Student Leader

This book of reflections on Jesuit values was written by student leaders for student leaders. Articles include: A.M.D.G., Cura Personalis, Discernment, Reflection, Finding God in All Things, and several others. Reflection questions help students think about how these values impact their studies and leadership. It is perfect for training student government, resident hall advisors, orientation leaders, retreat leaders and other students who have leadership roles on campus.

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Lighting The Way (Graduate Students)

Incorporating Jesuit Values as a Graduate Student

This book of reflections on Jesuit values was written by graduate students for graduate students. Articles include: Cura Personalis, Discernment, Finding God in All Things, and several others. Reflection questions at the end of the book provide an opportunity for graduate students to reflect on these values in light of their studies and worldview.

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Lighting the Way (Student Athletes)

Incorporating Jesuit Values as a Student Athlete

This excellent book of reflections on Jesuit values was written by student athletes for student athletes. Articles include: Magis, Cura Personalis, Solidarity, Service, and several others. The book concludes with reflection questions to help student athletes reflect on their development of these values. Available for $3.50.

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The Martyrs of the University

A Virtual Pilgrim Walk

Written by George Traub, SJ, this 28-page inspirational primer on the Martyrs of the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) provides a brief account of the story of the eight martyrs with short bios of each. It includes full-page original artwork by professional sculptor Karen Heyl and sketches of the martyrs by Stephen Kroeger. Purchase for $3.75. 

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Gifts of Our Ignatian Heritage Poster

22"x28" Poster

This vibrant wall poster describes, both pictorially and with brief text, "Five Gifts of Our Ignatian Heritage." The poster is the standard size of 22"x28" and is fitting for high school and university offices and student rooms. Available for $5.00.

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The Spirit of a University

Prayers for an Academic Year

This collection of prayers and invocations offered at Xavier University reflect the collective spirit, mission and identity of a Jesuit university. Available for $5.00.

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